2023 February 09

BEFORE bed last night I started a PT of pinto beans soaking. At around 4:30 this morning I woke up. Being awake, I started the beans slow cooking in the Instapot. I woke again around 7:30. I checked on the beans. I heated a carrot into the pot and diced some uncooked bacon into the pot also. I seasoned the beans with some vegetable Better Than Bullion and set it to pressure cooking for 20 minutes.

AT nine o’clock I added antifreeze to the car. That took about 15 minutes.

WE left home at about 9:15 with the Instapot of beans, some thrift store items, and nonperishable food to the food pantry.

WHEN we arrived at Operation Liberty Hill the sign said “not accepting thrift store today.” We placed the food items on a cart provided for that purpose and left.

AT quarter to ten we arrived at Over The Hill Gang. People were surprised to see us. That’s fair. We were surprised that my cancer treatment schedule allowed us to attend here.

THE kitchen crew were busily attending to the final stages of preparation of our lunch. Lunch consisted of baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes. There was a wide variety of tater toppings. Mike had brought a pot of beans. So along with mine there were plenty of beans. Someone has also brought corn bread which is a perfect pairing with those beans. Along with the pear halves there were cakes, cookies, and brownies. No one went hungry.

WE had a good room full of happy diners today.

OUR guest speaker has lots of information about the history of and future plans for the Liberty Hill schools. There are currently 8,000 students in the school district. The little town of Liberty Hill is on track for becoming the largest city in Williamson county Texas.

AS usual there were games to be played after lunch.

SINCE Operation Liberty Hill couldn’t take our donation of clothing and thrift store items, we made a stop at Hill Country Community Ministries Thrift Store and donated them there.

THE thrift store is less than a mile and a half from home. That means we were back at our apartment by 3:15.

AFTER a short nap and a quick supper we were ready for bingo from six to seven.

I WAS very tired and went to bed shortly after returning home from bingo. I didn’t finish this blog post until the morning of the 10th.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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