2023 February 10

50+ Monthly Luncheon

LOTS of people at today’s luck of spaghetti, squash, salad, and apple crisp. There were 8 tables with 6 chairs each and I didn’t see any empty chairs. Our hosts at Leander UMC had around a half dozen people working.

All Things Wild Rehabilitation brought some friends with them.

ALL THINGS WILD rescues, repairs, rehabilitates, and releases most of these wild creatures who are injured, orphaned, or just not welcome by the people in their area.

SOME animals are just not able to be released back into the wild. Animals like a blind opossum, a blind in one eye screech owl, our a barred owl with a permanently damaged wing. These animal could not survive on their own.

THESE damaged creatures become animal ambassadors. They visit schools, clubs, organizations, etcetera to increase awareness of All Things Wild’s rescue efforts. It was a very interesting talk with a question and answer session afterwards.

WE were home by 1:30. I woke very early this morning with congestion and coughing up mucus. Do I was ready for a nap once we were home. We had no place to go and all afternoon to get there.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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