2023 February 14❤️


I HAD my first radiation treatment this morning. It went well.

GOOGLE MAPS took me a strange route this morning. Supposedly because of a traffic tie-up on the usual route. I was beginning to worry when it was taking me East. It also routed me onto the express lane and then said to take the next exit … which can’t be done from the express lane. However, I actually arrived a few minutes early.  I drove 27 miles in 44 minutes to get to the doctor’s and 22 miles in 35 minutes to get home. I paid tolls to get there and none to return home. I left home at 7:15 and returned at 9:15.

I WAS able to get checked in and paid my down payment on my treatment. From now on I’ll just say good morning to the receptionists and then go back to the waiting rooms just outside of the treatment room.

I GOT home and had breakfast. Ella had the bacon cooked and the griddle heating. I fork-split the English muffins and toasted them while the eggs fried.

WE went for coffee at 10:00. I received a call from Kara and Kyna just as I sat down.

I HAVE my treatment schedule through April 18. It varies a few times before settling in at 12:10. Every Thursday I will have a meeting with the doctor after the treatment.

I MADE a romantic lunch of chili for Ella. Hey it isn’t easy preparing meals for someone who can’t bite or chew.

VALENTINE’S cookies and candies with hot chocolate. There was also live music. Though I couldn’t hear it well enough to guess what the music was most of the time.

FROM there I took my bride to Dairy Queen for a hot fudge sundae.

AT five o’clock Ella went to the community room to host Mexican Train.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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