2023 February 22

BEFORE leaving home this morning I sliced and diced a rutabaga and some carrots. These went in the Crock-Pot along with some spices to slow cook for about 4 hours. That’s the estimated time of me arriving back home. I’ll then heat up a can of roast beef. And find some type of brain vegetable to go with him.

ON a normal Wednesday Ella and I would be attending Grandies. However, with my treatment schedule we will no longer be doing that. But I wrote my Grandies shirt as a reminder. Of an

I LEFT home at 9:36 and stopped at Hill Country Community Ministries Food Pantry just long enough to donate some empty boxes.
THEN I went to Murphy USA for gasoline.
AFTER 7 minutes I got back in the road at 9:57.
I THEN reached Austin Center For Radiation Oncology at 10:24 for my 11:30 appointment.

I SAT in the car until nearly 11 and then went in to the waiting room … to wait. I was out and on my way at 11:37.

ELLA had the table set when I arrived home and greeted me with “Take your pants off.” In younger days that would have meant one thing. Today it meant she was doing laundry.

THE rutabaga and carrots in the instapot were done. I opened a can of roast beef and warmed it. I really like the keystone canned meats. There’s nothing in the can except the meat some sea salt and a tiny amount of water. We had lettuce salad and applesauce also.

BEFORE drinking a quart of water this morning (yes, 2lbs of water every week day before going for radiation) I weighed myself at 273 pounds. That’s the least I’ve weighed in a very long time.

EARLY early this morning I ordered some groceries for delivery. The water was the only thing I really felt I needed. But I’m not going to to the delivery driver for only one thing. The water is going in the car.
I MENTIONED earlier that I need to drink lots of water before going for radiation. I usually drink two 16oz bottles on the drive to the radiation center. So, having them in the car makes sense to me

Day 78°. Partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers this morning then Sunny this afternoon. Highs in the mid 80s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gas up to 35 mph chance of rain 20%.

Night 60°. Clear in the evening then becoming partly cloudy. Lowe’s in the upper 50s. Southwinds 5 to 10 mph.

WE received this text from our church. I’m a little confused about “the possibility of bad weather/road conditions“. I don’t see anything in the local weather forecast about bad weather.

Another quiet day yesterday
• Except for a manager leaving (quit? Fired?).
• We’ve been without a receptionist/office manager for several weeks.
• And the maintenance supervisor giving his two weeks notice. And yesterday was his assistant’s last day.
• I believe that leaves us with the assistant manager as the only staff we have.
• Yep! Another quiet day.


WE met in the chapter tonight.

Top News Today:
• Severe weather from coast to coast across the north today. 43 states are under some sort of weather alert: snow, rain, and/or high winds.
• Russia’s threat of use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine.
• China’s ambassador meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and promised said in the battle in Ukraine.
• Israel has ongoing activities against Palestinians in the occupied west bank.
• Wars and rumors of wars.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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