2023 April 11

DAY 5 of Ella in Iowa. Some might think it unwise to leave me unsupervised for such long periods of time. Some might be right. But I’ll admit to nothing until I’m sure the statute of limitations has expired.

DAY 69°. Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the mid 70s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. NIGHT 53°. Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. East winds 5 to 10 mph.


Day 40 which is 89% finished

ONLY five more days of radiation therapy. I’ll be thrilled to be done with it . It isn’t that it has been particularly difficult but soon I will not be taking a couple of hours or if the middle of the day driving into and out of Austin!


AFTER leaving the doctors I stopped at Whataburger for lunch. I had the spicy chicken sandwich combo with fries and a root beer. It was good although calling it “spicy” might be a little of an over statement. I was kinda hoping for something that would cause sweat to drop down my forehead. However, this spicy chicken didn’t even make me sniffle or wipe my nose. I’ll just order the plain chicken sandwich next time where I don’t have any expectation of extra seasoning. Better yet, I’ll just order the burger ’cause that IS for what they’re known.


WHEN I got home I immediately went to the bathroom which is normal for me upon returning from radiation. I then noticed how dirty the floor looked in the bathroom. So I got out the broom and swept the whole house.

SINCE Tuesday is trash pickup day for us at the apartments, I went ahead and bagged up all the trash and have it ready to go out as soon as it gets to be at least 5:00 in the afternoon. That is as soon as we can put the trash out into the hallway for pickup.


ABOUT 3:00 in the afternoon I was still a little hungry so I heated a container of Hormel spaghetti and had that for my early early supper. I washed it down with a glass of MiraLAX laxative to make things go smoother through the night.

I LOADED and started the dishwasher and then I  sat down to write in my actual paper Journal. I have begun transcribing my online journals into written book form.


4:30 in the afternoon seemed like the perfect time to stop and take a nap.

IT TURNED out to be a beautiful day with the sunshine and the temperatures in the low 70s it would be a perfect day to have gone for a drive. Unfortunately I don’t have the drive to go for a drive. I’m more in the mood for a dive onto the bed.



ONE of my doctors sent me a link to a portal. Every doctor I have sends me links to their portal. You remember when the doctor would actually just talk to you instead of making you go to their website to their portal to get the results of their test that they put you through?

ANYWAY so I followed the link and I have to register for this portal and I fill in my information and then to prove that I’m really who I say I am they send a secret code to my Gmail account. The idea is I would go to the Gmail account pick up the code and put it in place on the portal and it would register me and everything would be cool.

IF I were on a computer that would be very easily done because up at the top of the screen would be all these little file folder tabs and all I would have to do is go from the tab where the portal is, go over and hit the file folder for my Gmail account, scroll down, find the secret code, copy it, go back to the top, find the file folder that goes back to the portal, open that, and put the secret code in the right place, hit paste, hit enter, and everything would be wonderful.

THE problem is, I’m not on a computer. I’m on my smartphone. On my smartphone to go from the portal to my Gmail and find the secret code and copy it and then try and go back to the portal is impossible. I have to start all over filling out information in the portal and then it wants to send me another secret code to my Gmail. And it just goes around and around and around. The problem is my smartphone isn’t all that smart.


Goodnight and God bless

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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