2023 April 21

TODAY at morning coffee we discussed cat verses dogs as pets for seniors. Their care and cleaning benefits and liabilities. Blueberry bars were eaten. Plain flour verses all purpose flour and self rising flour was also a topic of discussion. Until today I was unaware of the difference between plain and all purpose.

ELLA and I left the group around 10:00. We had not eaten breakfast before coming to the group this morning. We had eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. Later for lunch I made dried beef gravy to go over today and/or mashed potatoes. We had a side of cooked spinach and a dessert of caramel apple cobbler. For supper I made a beef and vegetable soup.

ELLA and I played several games of Fast Track this afternoon.

I SPENT a goodly amount of time transcribing my Npolenews blog into a paper journal.

I’VE been binge watching Star Trek Discovery. I’m just about ready for season four.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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