2023 May 16 Tuesday in Leander TX

2023 May 16 Tuesday Leander TX
68° 30% Chance of storms high 76°

MORNING COFFEE Joe, Dan, Ann, Saudi, Andrea, Dora, Ella, and 1. More may have arrived after we left at 10:15. The topics of the day included barking dogs, smoking on the property. vacation trips, donuts (lock thereof)

I HAVE been trying to trim photos from my WordPress gallery. My daily posts have nearly always used a lot of photos and images. I didn’t realize until recently that every time I REUSE a photo / image it saves ANOTHER copy to the file. the file is now at 99.9% full and will not let me save any new images untill delete to make space,

WE had a more or less busy day. By busy I mean a lot of waiting in lines. We waited in line for a half hour or so at our first appointment for free food: bread, eggs, and assorted fresh veggies. We brought them home and put them away except for the onions which we passed on to someone else.

WE then waited around forty-five minutes before driving to the next appointment. Once there were pulled our car into line and waited the better part of an hour for more free food: instant oat meal, eggs, more fresh veggies, pasta, peanut butter, dry beans, biscuit mix, frozen meat, and a couple of canned goods. We brought all of those home and put them away except the peanut butter, avocados, pasta, dry beans, etcetera which we put in the in-house food pantry at the apartments.

WE now had about an hour to rest before going to Adam and Leigha’s new home for supper. While there both of them attempted to help me with an application with Health and Human Services. In the end they also were as frustrated as I’ve been with trying to get clarification of what is needed.

ON the positive side, we got a tour of their new home. We got to visit with them and saw the grandkids for minutes at a time. Also Truck the dog was really excited to see me.

BEFORE we left to go to the kids, I gathered the trash and set it out in the hallway for the concierge trash pickup. We returned home about quarter to nine and the trash was still there. It was around ten when Ella check and discovered the trash was gone. She brought the trash receptacle back into the apartment and declared that it was time for bed.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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