2023 November 20 in Leander TX

64° at daybreak under a cloudy sky the temperature topped out at 80°


LATE this afternoon I was tasked with writing a “presented to” in some of books that will be given to graduates at Cross Tracks Church by our Grandies for Christ group. Only, as I opened the last book, I discovered that it was a used book with a dedication already in the book. We had to drive to a Book and Bible store and purchase an additional book.

SINCE we were out and about and it was approaching suppertime, we stopped at Wendy’s for a couple of combo meals. Ella had chicken nuggets and I had the ghost pepper chicken sandwich.

Once we were home I finished writing in the final gift book

IT was just a short time after completing the books that it was time to go to the Commons Room for karaoke.

I SANG a couple of times. For some reason I felt short of air while singing. Also, the songs that appeared on the screen had slightly different lyrics than I was familiar with.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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