2023 May 25 Thursday in Leander TX

68° at 8:00AM mostly sunny going to high of 82° Thu, May 25


ELLA had an early (9) doctor’s appointment today. This is a follow up from last month’s visit. Last time some medication changed were made. Today was to check on the effectiveness of those changes. Everything was OKAY.


ONCE we were done at the doctor’s we drove the short (1.5 miles) distance to the OTHG building. It was not quite 10:30 when we arrived. I made ice tea and coffee while I waited for everyone to show up. It’s Pizza Day.

WE have a new sign for the OTHG building


Sofia has officially graduation – though she’ll have to go back to the school to pick up her diploma. Ella and I watched it on our phones. We then went to Arik and Jenny’s. From there we went to Mesa Rosa Mexican restaurant for supper.

AGENDA Thursday May 25 (Today)
7:00 a INR Check and call  (2.6)
9:00 a Ella to Dr Mona
10:00 a Over The Hill Gang blue shirt day
X 2:00 p “coffee”not here
3:00 p Arik & Jenny
4:30 p Mesa Rosa (15515 n rr 620)
X 6:00 p Bingo (Great Room) not here

DAY 82° Partly cloudy this morning then clearing.
Highs in the mid 80s. East winds 5 to 10 mph.
NIGHT 65° Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 60s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

12:06 AM to 7:25 AM
Total sleep time 07 H 04 M
88% of 8 hour goal
Deep 02 H 42 M
Light 04 H 22 M
Awake 00 H 15 M

AS I notice the number of people wearing backpacks, I wonder how humanity survived in ages past without carrying half of their possessions on their backs and all their memories in their phones?

I GREW up in a decidedly more primitive age where we didn’t have to carry a supply of drinking water with us everywhere we went. If you wanted to write with ink you dipped your pen into the ink bottle. A tablet was a bunch of papers sealed together on one edge with a cardboard back. A watch had one function, to tell time. It worked with gears and springs not electronics. The telephone was wired to a wall and often it was necessary to speak to an operator (a phone company employee who would help to connect our phone to the phone of the person to whom we wished to speak. Before we had audio books and podcasts we listened to radio shows that used words and sound effects to fill our minds with images. Then came religion in glorious black and white. We had a choice of any of the three broadcast networks ABC, CBS, or NBC. On a part time bases they was a Public Broadcast Service from one of the state universities.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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