2021 January 14

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It was cool overnight but we decided to forgo the heater. It was plenty warm under the covers and snuggled up. Before leaving home, we opened the blinds and curtains to allow for solar heating.

We were on the road before sunrise today. Tom needed lab work at the VA clinic at 8:00 this morning. Ella waited in the vehicle, since she would not have been allowed in anyway.

The sun rose over the 183 toll road as we were driving.

Tom was about 5 minutes early for his lab work. And was all done by 8:15. That had never gone so fast or smooth. The nurse/tech hit a good vein on the first try.

Because it was a Fasting lab this morning, once Tom was done, the next stop was McDonald’s. Two sausages egg McMuffin combos at the drive through.

The next stop was for gasoline at Murphy USA, 201 Walton Way, in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 01-14-21 08:32. $39.19 later we drove around the corner.

We arrived at Wal-Mart Prescription Pickup nearly a half hour before the pharmacy opened at 9:00. That gave us time to eat our breakfast sandwiches. At 9:03 I called and by 9:10 we had the medication.

We went into Wal-Mart to buy antifreeze, holding tank treatment, and pads.
Then pulled to the north side for our Grocery pickup. By 9:45 We were loaded and on the way.

Since Wal-Mart did not have the earbuds that we wanted, we stopped at Dollar General. DG had the wired buds that Tom uses but not the Bluetooth earbuds that Ella uses. We may need to order through Amazon.

A house full of food and nothing to eat. Reminds me of the  rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.
Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.”
“Pizza sounds good to me,” said my bride. We live where none will deliver. So off we go in search of sustenance, round of shape with molten cheese, piled high with spiced sausage and mushrooms freshly sliced. Anon we came upon a Domino red and blue, as game pieces ne’er are. Home again we came to sup’ and sip ’til saited we sat to stir no more, e’re the sun dipped low and a bed we go.

Between low in the afternoon sun and setting sun, many Fast Track games were won and lost.


2021 January 13

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

62° was the predicted high for today. However, it reached 65° aground 3:30.
It became so warm inside, this afternoon, that we needed to open the door, several windows, and the ceiling vent in the living room.

The lens flair added a nice touch to an otherwise ordinary looking sunrise.

Our awning has been out for over a year. It has gone through rain, high winds, and this past week 3″ of wet snow. The rafters supports that we bought 15-20 years ago have been worth their weight in gold. Along with 4-5 tie-downs that were secured, not into the ground, but to the trailer itself, it has worked extremely well.

So, Tom, why put the awning away now? I’m glad you asked. It is to let the morning sun come through our large east facing window. The sun can give us a large amount of passive solar heat when we need it the most, in the chilly mornings.

While I was outside installing a new water filter and putting the awning away, Ella was busily filling documents and paperwork.



Did you see that?  My HUM driving monitoring system gave me a 100% plus 2 points. I can only guess that the extra 2 points are for my good looks!

2021 January 12

Tuesday, January 12, 2012
Good morning from Liberty Hill, Texas.

There was frost this morning.
It tired hiding in the shadows but
It was soon overtaken by the sun.

Again today, we played
many games of Fast Track.

We also discussed answers to the Our Moments(R) cards. My answer to this question was avocados, though it could have just as well been okra.

We went to Dairy Queen in the late afternoon to get a treat that
would spoil our appetites for supper.

The warm winter sun
approaching the horizon.

And there it sets.
Driving miles
Walking miles

2021 January 11

Monday, January 11, 2021
What a difference a day (with partial sunshine) makes.
The sunset makes up for
the lack of sunrise.
Reminder to FAST before visiting the medical vampires at the VA.

Today was spent cleaning and playing games. Not much to write about.

I just want to celebrate another day of livin’
I just want to celebrate another day of life

2021 January 10

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Church today was attended online and in bed. It was cold with rain turning to snow outside and cold inside as well. The covers were just too inviting. So, we had a scrambled egg sandwich breakfast in bed.

Tate and Emery and an unnamed guest.

The big news of the day was SNOW!!! This is the most snow we had seen since we started coming to Texas

8 years ago it snowed on January 9th. It was not as much as today, but it did cover the ground and coat the cacti

Snow stopped about 4 o’clock. Total accumulation aground 2 to 3 inches.


2021 January 09

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Breakfast included bacon eggs and toast. You know, the usual. However, this morning it also included a Nutrigrain bar. These were a gift from Santa. Santa Aaron left these behind when he left for Idaho I Christmas Eve Eve.

Three games of Fast Track were played after breakfast. Ella won two.

Cheddar broccoli soup for lunch, thick and hearty. Yumm

I am very concerned about our nation and our world. The world wide pandemic has affected millions of people directly. And billions of people indirectly. Jobs have been lost. Businesses and whole industries have been lost or crippled.

When major disruptions happen, people begin to look for someone to blame. This bothers me to no end. Throughout history leaders have risen to power by giving the masses a scapegoat. Think Hitler blaming Germany’s problems on the Jews.

The riots that have taken place during the past year. And the recent events in Washington D.C. are evidence of a vast unrest that is ripe for the right/wrong person or group to give focus and aim to this social agitation.

I pray for cooler calmer heads to prevail before society dissolves into mob rule and chaos.


2021 January 08

Friday, January 08, 2021

It was hazy overcast early this morning. It was also right down cold at thirty five degrees.

The sun shone through the haze but looked small and ineffective.

Ella had a hankerin’ for some IHOP Stuffed French Toast. It was too far away for Door Dash to deliver to our home. I considered drive-up pick-up. But I prefer to eat my food while it is still hot. I suppose we could have eaten in the parking. But we didn’t. By the way, they no longer have Stuffed French Toast. Ella had regular French toast with strawberry and banana on them.

Costco was close to the IHOP and, I’ve been wondering when our membership was to expire. I had no plans to renew it. I was more concerned that it might automatically renew – which I did NOT want.
Good news, it has already expired.

After a short drive, we stopped at the UPS store. I had a package to return to Amazon. The hearing aids that I received on Christmas Eve needed to go back. One aid just didn’t work, period. But beyond that, they were not what I wanted. What I wanted were in-the-ear aids that would easily adjust the volume. These things looked as though I had tried to stuff a ping pong ball in my ear.

The last stop, before home, was Dollar General. Ella went in looking for one thing and came out with five. Sound familiar?

For a late lunch, Ella wanted boiled eggs for a sandwich. Seven minutes in the Instapot is all it takes. Quick release the steam and drop eggs into cold water until cool enough to handle. Crack and peal a small hole at each end of the eggs. Then blow through the hole in the small end and the egg pops out into your hands. Couldn’t be much quicker or easier.

Today’s travels

2021 January 07

Thursday, January 07, 2021

For Ella, Betty White.
For Tom. Kurt Russel.
Who would play YOU in the story of your life?
I fear I would be a minor character in my life story.

Today we went to a different Wal-Mart and bought a second 3 drawer storage. While there, Ella also bought some shoes. I’m not comfortable with this in-the-store shopping. However, that way we were sure to get exactly what we wanted and Ella could try on the shoes before purchasing.

Our round trips are never quite “round”. And they certainly are not square. There are no roads within a hundred miles that run straight. I’m quite sure that there are places where it would have been possible to make the way straight, but they just chose not to.

Here are the two new sets of drawers sitting side by side. And there they will sit until such time as we find an apartment. Ella’s plan is to use these as bedside tables. So now, not only do we need to find an apartment, but there will need to be 3′ on either side of the bed.


My blood clotting factor is in the Goldilocks zone for the first time since mid November. The whole time I sat in the big Santa chair my eating was off and so was my INR. Sometimes too thick and sometimes to thin. Today it is just right.

2021 January 06

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Foggy overcast beginning of the day.

Then came the dark and the rain

Though the active party of the storm past us to the north. The rain didn’t last long. The clouds came and webby throughout the day with the net result being mostly overcast.

I checked the calendar to see what activities we had for the day. None, nadda, zip! In the time BC (Before Covid), we would have spent morning and early afternoon with our friends at Grandies.

Grandies is a group of”seasoned citizens” who gather and perform are appropriate ministries such as mailing cards (birthday, get well, missing you, sympathy, and more). We spearhead the Kids Summer Sack Program that helps provide food, during the summer, for children who rely on the school free lunch program. And other ministries that require minimal physical labor – such as stuffing candies into hundreds upon hundreds of Easter eggs. Often we would go as a group for lunch, after our meetings.

Early Wednesday evening was spent at choir practice and once a month we would have a catered meal together and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for the month. We miss these activities.

We did find a way to occupy our time. Ella sorted her pills for the next couple of weeks and found she was in need of a refill. She sent the request to the pharmacy, but expected it would be tomorrow before it would be filled. Surprise, surprise! She received notification that it was ready for pickup.

Since we were out, we stopped at the doctors to register our new insurance cards and set up appointment for our yearly Wellness Checkup.

While at Wal-Mart to purchase prescriptions, we also bought a gallon of milk and this 3 drawer storage cabinet. (Sorry for the poor picture quality.) Ella has been wanting a pair of these for several months now. This was the last one on the shelf, so we will purchase another later.

Sorry, I fell into YouTube and when I looked up, it was dark. I don’t know if there was a visible sunset or not.


2021 January 05

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Grits, bacon, toast and egg, now that’s a mighty fine way to start the day. However, Ella told me later that she had seen an ad for IHOP that had her mouth watering before she was out of bed. I know what my bride normally orders at IHOP: stuffed French Toast. We may have to do a drive up there one of these next days.

We had time for a several games of Fast Track before going to Operation Liberty Hill. Ella won them all.

We unloaded the food to one side of the OLH building and then drove to the other side to unload the non-food items.

Arriving at eleven o’clock, we discovered that the HCCM produce distribution wouldn’t begin until twelve. But, hey! We were first in line. This isn’t exactly a food pantry. They distribute bread and/or produce (which is usually at its “sell by date”) donated by local groceres such as H.E.B., and Whole Foods. Today we received some croissants, Kaiser rolls, celery, arugula, 4 baking potatoes, red seedless grapes, bok choy, 2 oranges, a bag of apples, 2 lps dry roasted almonds, and a couple onions. The onions were given to a neighbor.

I made a beef and vegetable soup for lunch, after returning home. I tore pieces from our leftover brisket, added a can of mixed veggies, chopped celery, V8 juice, and some beef soup starter. Rather tasty if I do say so myself. I also sliced and toasted some of the cheese and jalapenos croissants that we received today.


I want to loose weight.
However. I have a food allergy.
I eat food and I swell up.

©2021 Thomas E Williams