2021 July 11

“God Wants Me to Be Happy” pastor Michele found only 20 mentions of “Happy” in the entire bible and nearly all were conditional of our relationship with the Lord.

We needed some groceries. I had in mind to order them for curbside delivery on Wednesday, when we would next be passing that way.  Ella had in mind to do some shopping. So we stopped today.

What a difference a half hour makes inn three sky.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 10

I had thought that, when I took the dogs out this morning, I’d bob around in the pool. However it was raining. After breakfast, the sun came out. Yay! We read our devotional for the day. Played a game of Fast Track. I decided it was time for that dip into the pool. It started raining again before I made it out the door.

Once again, I thought I might get into the pool. It began to rain.

Finally this afternoon we were able to greet in the pool. It was chilly. We toughed it out for the better party of an hour and them say on the (mostly) sun to take the chill off.

The kids sent a text that they were on the way and about 7 hours away. So after the dogs and ourselves, we came home.

Ella did laundry, including the bedding for their bed. That way they could hit the hay as soon as they got home.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 09

Zeus and I trying to encourage the sun to rise. But to no avail.

I took the truck on for the inspection necessary for licence renewal. It didn’t pass. So I’ll have to get it fixed and try again.

Since there was no indication our rain on the radar, I thought it would bee a good time to drive to the metal reclamation place. It is only a half hour drive on interstate 35.
We had not quite made it to I-35 when the downpour began.
At times I was – um – less than comfortable driving in the rain.
But we earned a whopping $6.80 for Grandies.
There was occasional brief bursts of sunshine near sundown.
Heather came over and stayed around 5 hours. We played many games of Fast Track. We then switched to Cards Against Humanity. Which was hilarious.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 08

It was an interesting progression of skyscapes this morning.
We had 32 present at OTHG today. We have averaged $5.25 per person ìn July. The charge per meal is $6.00. We receive no government or commercial funding. Our only revenue stream comes from our members. We are organized as a not for profit organization. Our operating costs include the meals served, disposable plates, bowls, take home cartons, plastic dinnerware, paper goods (napkins, towels, TP, etcetera), cleaning supplies, purchasing and maintaining equipment (stove, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances), and of course all those miscellaneous items.

As usual, we and others stayed and played games.

The four-legged people spent a relaxing afternoon.  So did the two-legged people

There were intermittent rain showers today but no downpours like the last several days.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 07

It rained off and on most of the day, some quite intense. Heat router to 87°.
The morning sky was unusual
Grandies was good today. A couple of members that we haven’t seen for a awhile were with us this morning. We had eight people stay after the meeting to play canasta, two tables of four.
I had intended to have the truck in for its yearly inspection in preparation for relicensing. So we stopped on the way at Golden Chick for a late lunch. I decided to call the inspection business first, to see if they took appointments. They don’t. And there was currently an hour and a half wait time. We decided to not do the inspection today and instead went returned to the house.
When we arrived at the house, the dogs had left us a pile of four objects that looked a lot like this Tootsie Roll. Nether dog would admit to doing it and they both looked guilty. They had both been out in the morning before we left. But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

More rain, even though the sky looked far from stormy.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 06

We left Arik and Jenny’s after feeding the dogs and ourselves. All four of us had our morning medications but only Ella and I participated in the daily devotion. Dogs, not having participated in “Man’s Fall From Grace,” needed no Scripture reading.

We weren’t sure of the time for our dentist’s appointment. We knew that they opened at 9. So we headed that way incase we had a 9 o’clock. As we were driving, Ella tried several times to call the office. Once she made a connection she found that our appointments were for 3pm. Knowing that, we made a u-turn and went to our apartment.

We had lunch at the apartment and stayed until about 1:30 when we went to Operation Liberty Hill.

We had the back of the truck loaded with food and thrift store donations from our collection on Sunday afternoon at the church. It was nearly 2:30 when we finished unloading at Operation Liberty Hill.

It was only about a 5 minute drive between OLH and the dentist. We arrived with time to spare. Especially when they were half an hour late getting us in. They gave us two “Thank You for your patience” gift certificates good for five dollars on Amazon.

Another evening downpour.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 04 Independence Day

After leading Sunday school, Tom was liturgist today.
Teresa Kingsbury brought the message I Michele’s absence.
It was communion Sunday so Ella and I helped serve.
There was a less than inviting sky this morning.

We went to our apartment after church. Partially to unload three bags of aluminum cans. Also Partially to rest before going back to church for our collections.

Flowers by the front entrance to the apartments.

Being the first Sunday of the month, it was time for the Grandies to collect for the food pantry as well as items for the thrift store. We also collected aluminum cans, pull tabs, and empty ink cartridges. We were there from 2pm until 3:45 when the rain started pouring.

On the way back to Arik and Jenny’s, I received a text that my prescriptions were ready at Wal-Mart. So we made a stop for those and then continued on down the road

When we came into the house, the dogs didn’t even bother coming down to greet us. To get them to go outside, I had to bribe them with treats that I wouldn’t give them until they followed us out. We sat on the patio until I witnessed that both had gone potty.

When all the fireworks started popping off, both dogs started barking. I got them calmed down – mostly. I had Bluebell on my lap and Zeus laying across my feet.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 July 03

The temperature topped out at 84° due to the fact that it was mostly cloudy all day. There was a time in the afternoon when it turned dark and looked like it could rain but didn’t.

I let the dogs out this morning and they turned around and went back inside. So back out they went – with me. I sat there until I’d seen both of them go pee. Then I let them in to get their morning meds and breakfast. Then back outside while it was still relatively cool.

I opened a frozen pizza before realizing that it contained onions. I’m allergic so I picked them off before baking.

Ella and I went for a dunk in the pool before supper. I tried to coax the dogs to come out with us. Neither would even come form stairs.

Both of the dogs spent nearly the entirety of the day upstairs. Zeus didn’t come down until he heard his food bowl being filled. It seems a shame to sedate them tonight. However, there are fireworks that will have them upset without the pill’s calming effect. I let them stay outside after supper, for as long as they wanted. Bluebell wanted back in almost immediately. Zeus stayed our for a while longer.