2021 August 27

Today’s devotional reminds us that God’s timing is not our timing. God’s plan is not ours to schedule. In due time the answer will cone. Though it may not be the answer we want, we can be assured that “all things work together for the good of those who love God–those whom he has called according to his plan.” – Romans 8:28

My bride had a couple of teeth pulled and, for now, is on a soft food diet. By boiling the bacon and then lightly frying it was soft enough for her to eat. Scrambled eggs and lightly toasted bread completed the breakfast.

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) for lunch. Ella had pasta in tomato sauce and I had lentil stew with crackers. For dessert we had fig bars and Pop Tarts. I must say that these were MUCH better than any C-rations I ever ate.

God night and God bless

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 26

It reached 97°
As of 8:30 p.m. we had no rain. The weather satellite showed a small rain cell about 5 miles away and headed our way.
I like the cartoon effect on this selfie. It looks like a painting done with a paint knife. I particularly like the texture of the beard
At six o’clock today there was bingo in the great room. I don’t play. However, I did call the first game. I left after that because most were not wearing masks. Ella chose to stay. Ella won a”black out” game and brought home a package of chocolate sugar wafer cookies.
It was a nice evening to sit on the patio and admire the sky.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

Night, all, and God bless.

2021 August 25

Lunch of fried catfish which we took to the church parking lot where we could sit in the shade.

We stopped at the Doctor’s office so Ella could get some clarification on the written results of her mammogram.

The Dentist was the big visit for the day. One tooth drilled and filled and two teeth pulled. No steak for Ella for a while.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 22

Cross Tracks Church

I informed the congregation about what the FROG (Fully Relying On God) Class was currently studying, the book of Romans. And how we are studying it. And of course,that they are welcome to join in anytime. The congregation also heard about the LIFE Sunday school class. Sorry, I can’t remember what LIFE stands for.

Michele’s sermon was, among other things, the need for small group study. That’s why the pitches to join or Sunday school classes were done today.

Yep. It’s starting again. Is this really going to be our new normal, wearing masks forever?

We had an Adam’s family visit.

No no, not the Addams Family. Adam’s family came over for a few hours. Our time was spent bobbing in the pool. We told them about our adventures to Iowa and back. They told us about their adventure to Colorado and back.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 21

A simple breakfast of one each egg, bacon, and toast.
Two or three games of Fast Track to get the day started. And another few in the evening before bed.
Just looking at the ceiling, can you tell where we were?
That’s right! Wal-Mart. We had another prescription and a couple grocery items to purchase.
Stamps! We need stamps!
Birthday cards and bills to mail.
Can you believe, in this day and age, that there are still businesses with no online bill pay?

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 20

It reached a high of 92°, which was far short of the upper 90s that were predicted.
Today’s devotional reading from 2 Corinthians and psalm 139:14 speak of how our Creator can transform our broken lives to create beauty in this world that bring glory to Him.
Ella had an early morning mammogram and a bone density test.
When we arrived home there was a dead tiger-striped dragonfly lying on the sidewalk. Sorry about picture quality, but the sun was so bright I was unable to see the photo until I was inside the apartment.
And so endeth the day.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 19

It reached 93° which isn’t bad for this time of year. But it felt much hotter sitting in the truck and waiting for our prescriptions to be brought to the vehicle. Did I mention that there is no air conditioning in the truck?
Today was Hawaiian Day at the center these four ladies were the only ones who dressed accordingly

After OTHG we went to Wal-Mart for groceries and prescriptions.

The day wouldn’t be complete without games of Fast Track

Goodnight and God bless.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 August 18

We had a light and brief rain over night.

I have used an app named Cartoon Face to change my selfie. Please vote for your favorite.

There appeared to be some activity in the new elevator at Cross Tracks Church. We are still awaiting the final inspection before we can put it into service. I really want to see the new class and meeting rooms on the upper level.
The reason we were at the church today because it was time for Grandies. There were only four in attendance. We stayed after the meeting and played canasta.
Once we were done with canasta, the four of us went across the street to Farm to Fork for lunch. Everyone but me thought the food was good. I thought that the chicken fried steak sammi was tasteless. After we had paid the waitress, the owner came over and asked how we liked our food. I said that it tasted like they hear forgot to season the meat. He apologized and gave me a card for$25 off of our next meal. I expect more from a $13 sandwich. I’ll be back to use the twenty five dollars off. But But unless something amazing happens next time, I will not return for a third.
There was an armada of clouds sailing in the bright blue sky today.
Our odd little cactus continues to grow strangely.
Our fern has been bidding a secret.
Mushrooms are growing at the base of the fern.

©2021 Thomas E Williams