2019 December 20 Friday

2019 December 20 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

There is no sunshine this morning therefore no Sunrise photographs

mm, warmer this morning, but do you see the predicted high for today? Yep, just three degrees warmer than the current temperature

ork started an hour early this morning on the Santa set in anticipation of more of a crowd. School is out!

got to work only to find out that our set manager will not be finishing out the year with us, because of a family emergency that called her out of state.

he day was busy as expected. And I imagine that tomorrow will be busier yet. The school age children were there today also, because the local schools have gone into Christmas break.

t was raining when I left work this evening. Apparently it had rained most of the day. This didn’t seem to make any difference to the traffic on the roads.

stopped at Wal-Mart again tonight. This time I was able to get my medications. I was also able to buy more grocery items that weren’t on yesterday’s list.

t was dark when I arrived home, so no sunset photo.

God bless and g’nite

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  • Day 79 in our Texas home
  • 36 days as Santa at Lakeline Mall, Cedar Park with 1 at La Cantera, San Antonio

2019 October 30 Wednesday

2019 October 30 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

nother beautiful day of fog and cold rain. It almost seems like upper Midwest weather.

t got down to freezing overnight. And it was dang chilly (41°} at 9 AM. It made a weak attempt to warm up through the fog and rain, but only reached 45° before dropping back down to 40°. Around 7:30 PM the wind picked up to nearly 30 mph. The overnights for the next several days are also supposed to be in the lower 30s. I’ll let the faucets drip tonight just to assure the plastic RV plumbing doesn’t freeze and burst.

his is the Grandies group today, all 12 of us. Ignore the sign that reads Over The Hill Gang. We’ve been using their building since the Cross Tracks Church Fellowship Hall burnt last spring. It works out fine because most of us (maybe all) are members of both. The people in the photos are busy signing Get Well cards to be mailed to sick friends and family. We also mail, Thinking of You, Sorry For Your Loss, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, and nearly every card that a greeting card company can make. We then do a roll call to find out what is happening in each other’s lives. We have a devotional and a prayer. Then we play games: canasta, bridge, and dominoes.

f course we stayed to play canasta. Originally there were six who raised their hand to indicate that they wanted play. However, after we had the tables set for six, one person left. So we decided to play a table of four and I would sit out and be score keeper. Bill, Karen, Ann, and Ella played the first hand or two, then Ann bowed out and let me finish the game.

nce home, we turned the fireplace on, cuddled into our recliners,and put a blanket throw over us. It didn’t take long to warm to 70°.

ome time later, I started unloading the truck topper in preparation for installing shelves in the front. However, it began to rain and I retreated to the recliner once again.

worked on posting some devotions and Armchair Sermons. (See links below)

or lunch we had bacon and eggs. We had skipped breakfast, so breakfast for lunch sounded good to us. While I was preparing lunch, I started some meatless stew using the Instapot as a slow cooker. The stew was for supper. I also made some overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast.

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God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 30 in our Texas home