2021 January 27

I ordered these for Ella and me. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, 1.3″ Touch Screen Smartwatch with Temperature Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, blood pressure, oxygen level, Waterproof, Pedometer, and Stopwatch. For Men and Women.  iPhone/Android Phone compatible.

This is the layout of the apartment we want.

We submitted our application at Hills of Leander Apartments. It is a 62+ complex. It’s closer to the Texas kids and, possibly closer to the Iowa kids too. Still close to our church and healthcare in Liberty Hill and closer still to our doctors in Cedar Park.

We had supper with Adam and Leigha tonight. The moon shone through the hazy clouds when we arrived home.


I came close to getting three miles of walking in today.

2021 January 26

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Our home was chilly this morning. So, we weren’t in a hurry to leave or nice warm nest of covers. Therefore the sun was well into the sky before being photographed.

Tangerine, toast, egg, bacon, and fried zucchini for breakfast.

I called Hills of Leander Apartments this morning and asked for a tour of their apartments. Long story short, we are applying. The paperwork came home with us. We will complete It and return it tomorrow. They have opening now. No waiting list!

Ella and I haven’t come to an agreement as to which apartment to take.
She likes the Hampton because of the little bump-out for a table between the kitchen and livingroom.
I like the Oliver with two bedrooms and two baths. I reason that if she really thinks we need a special space for the table, we can use the 2nd bedroom as a dinning room. The rent is the same.

Since I missed the sunrise, I wasn’t taking a chance with missing sunset.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 25

Monday, January 25, 2021

We may have had some showers before sunrise. The porch was damp early on. However it quickly dried in the sunshine and wind. We had the door open but a gust slammed it shut. By noon the sun was brightly shining and the temperature rose quickly

The clouds on the eastern horizon made for a pretty sunrise photo.

We looked at an apartment at Liberty Trail. The pictures above are not the apartment but the common area.
The apartment was upstairs – a lot of stairs. An upstairs that I just could not do on a regular basis.
have our phone number and will call if a ground floor apartment open up.

Then we went around the corner to Liberty Manor on the off chance that we could see an apartment. No one was there today.

Liberty Manor is directly behind Dairy Queen. I had a coupon for a free Dilly Bar. Obviously we HAD to stop at DQ.

Today was also the day that three holding tanks needed to be emptied. So I did.

And then along came sundown.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 24

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The fog did not dissipate by no noon, as predicted. It lasted until early evening. There were still patches of light fog in the low spots at 7:30 , inn or way home.

So as to not loose the cell signal, we drove into town and sat in the church parking lot to watch church online.

Next stop was QuikTrip for gas, oil, and brake fluid. And then on to Jenny and Arik’s. Jenny has been helping us with budget and apartment shopping.  Arik was at work until after 4 p.m.

Jenny looking for apartments for us.

Beket and Zeus napping(?) on the livingroom floor.

While at the kids’, Ella did seven bags of laundry today.

Nope! Still wrapped in fog and darkness.


While at the kids’, Ella did seven bags of laundry today.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 23

 Saturday, January 23, 2021
It’s the 74th anniversary of my birth day.

Although today started in the mid 50s, the overshadowing grayness seeped into my bones and made me shiver. It must be age.

Ella took no pity on me, even though it was my birthdays birthday.

For my birthday birthday lunch I chose KFC. 
Right around the corner from KFC is the Verizon store.  We sat in their parking lot while I contacted Verizon customer service. I needed to drop the line for my tablet.
I also wanted to know what my next Bill will be, since the phones will be paid off. I chose to park in their lot just in case I needed to go into the store. I didn’t.


Next stop was DQ for dessert Ann’s then home.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 22

Friday, January 22, 2021

Slowly becoming brighter though not sunnier. However, by 4 o’clock the sun had full control of the sky once again.

Shredded potato soup for lunch.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 21

Thursday, January 21, 2021

That is as close as the sun came before being swallowed by clouds

Potatoes, sausage, and egg all scrambled together for breakfast.

This morning found us at the local VA clinic to review the blood test taken last week. Everything was good and an improvement over my last visit. (see below) Ella was allowed in because she is my caretaker.

Speaking of health, the bottles on the left are Tom’s medications (one med not there because – out of it) bottles to the right are supplements that he takes on average 3 times a week. These are all lined up for the Humana doctor to examine as part of a yearly health assessment – today.

Ella also had her medication bag ready along with her supplements.

However, that didn’t go quite as planned. First, the doctor got lost. Second, after I found her and lead her too the trailer, she couldn’t get a signal on her pad. Ella suggested going to the porch of the Stocktank General Store. (Which isn’t really a store. In its last iteration was a food and music venue. But it has been vacant for several years.) Ella’s suggestion was done because we can get a WiFi signal there. Apparently, you can get a cell signal also, because the doctor was able to complete the exam of us.

2021 January 20

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

For my bride, I made stuffed French toast. Stuffed with cream cheese sweetened with powdered sugar and vanilla. I used two slices of raisin bread to sandwich the cheese mixture. It was then dipped into a mixture of pancake batter, pumpkin pie spice, beaten eggs and milk. For myself I made regular French toast.


My answer, though it wasn’t technically a single trip, but a single event with many trips, was going into the military. During my service I made a lot of self discoveries. Partially because I was not stationed on a U.S. base, but a NATO base, I experienced some small slice of other cultures. This experience broadened my view of the diversity of human beliefs.
Ella’s answer was about a road trip we took to Washington state. It was during this long trip in a smallish car that we truly discovered how comparable we were. We had been friends for many years, but this was different. As close as I can describe it is the difference between “putting up with” and accepting and embracing. This trip really drew us together.

Another trip to the dentist

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 19

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Way gray day. May stay gray. Today okay? No way, too gray! Can’t stay to play. I’m away. Good day.

Diced Spam and potatoes coupled with toast and eggs made a right tasty brunch. Just stoaking our biomass furnaces for spending the day in the truck.

This is what I hear whenever I call our banking institution. “Your call is very important to us. We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times. Please remain on the line for the next available Asian Thank you for holding. Please remain on the line and your call will be answered by the next available Asian. I know. I know! They must be saying “agent”. Every time I call I listen closely for them to say “agent”. But Every time I hear “Asian”. This is the same bank that, when I use the online app, it asks if I want savings or checkin. So, maybe it really is the next available Asian.

This was our first stop for the day. It really had little or nothing to do with the church. This is where we were able to pick up fresh produce like apples, tangerines, zucchini, sweet potatoes. bell peppers, romaine lettuce,and celery.

It was about 1:30 when we stopped at Burger King and Taco Bell. Tom wanted a burger and fries.

Ella wanted a taco pizza from Taco Bell. But surprise surprise! They no longer have taco pizza on the menu. Man it has been tough on Ella. First IHOP no longer has Stuffed French Toast. Now, no taco pizza.

Here we are, at Leander Church of Christ, in line with the other 55+ senior people to pickup non perishable food such as canned fruits, vegetables, and tuna. So much tuna!

Next stop was Wal-Mart to purchase more food. I think we are good for a while.

The headline reads, “DNI Nominee Avril Haines: “Intelligence is no place for politics, ever” I believe the opposite is also true. Politics is no no place to intelligence, ever. Of course, I’m only judging over the last 70 years. Things could have been different way-back-when.

We made a stop here to check on price and availability of an apartment. They were outside our price range.

It was slightly after five o’clock when we returned home. I got everything carried in. Then came the sorting: keep, share with neighbors, or donate to Operation Liberty Hill. By six fifteen we could retire to our recliners.

By the way – there was no sunset – just rain.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 January 18

Monday, January 18, 2021
Martin Luther Junior Day
66° at 2 pm and some pretty strong wind gusts. Weatherbug reads 16mph but I’d estimate 20-25mph.

Not exactly sunrise, though astronomically speaking
the sunrise was long past.

It took until mid afternoon for the wind to blow the clouds away. Once the sun was out from behind those clouds, it shone warmly through the windows.

Ella’s answer was “right now”. The situation before us, moving into a apartment with no “backup plan”. For twenty years we have had a “bolthole”, a place where we could escape to, if something should happen to where we were living. Originally we had a house and an RV. When we moved full-time into the RV, we purchased a 2nd RV that could be on another location (Iowa & Texas). We are not now down to only one RV. But we OWN it and only rent a spot. If we were to loose the rented spot, we could move the RV. That offers some sense of security. Ella fears that, if we give up ownership, and rent an apartment and then loose the apartment, we have nowhere to go.

Tom’s answer to the question as to what caused the most stress and how it was dealt with was, “The end of my first marriage.” Without going into detail, the trust was broken. Though I offered forgiveness and trust that the same situation would not recur, when it became a reoccurring event, the trust was broken beyond repair. The marriage ended in as amiable a way as possible.

Fresh green leaves on or neighbor’s tree. It seems a little early to me.

Something was happening down at the goat pen. We walked down to check it out. We waited until the cement mixer had left, so we would not be in the way. There were two workers leveling the concrete in an eight by eight pad. They were contracted by a Well Products company. My educated guess is a new water tank will sit atop the platform.

We have had these Red Delicious apples for quite awhile. I really don’t care for them. Their thick leathery skin it’s just impossible to chew. Today, I skinned four of them and made apple dumplings out of them. I used a store-bought frozen pie crust. It didn’t stick together around the apples like a homemade crust. So, even though the dumplings open while baking, they tasted good. Now, what do I do with the remain five? (Just so as to not get snarky remarks – I know that the sixth one is a golden delicious.)

Got’cha! 😃