2021 October 11

Columbus Day 2021

Ella did our week’s worth of laundry while I spent most of the morning and half the afternoon working I material for next Sunday’s F.R.O.G. class material. Later, I mixed some chocolate chip cookie batter and a new batch of fry bread

Something’s happening with my phone’s camera or the software. I took Manny photos today, including sunset pictures. But when I try to access them, they’re gone.


We were given instructions on how to use a bayonet. That should be seen as good news for left handed people, because if you can’t shoot the M14 rifles left-handed, you can still use it to stick somebody.

We were also told what to do if it became stuck in an enemy’s body. The answer is, “Pull the trigger.” I have to admit thinking to myself, if I still had ammunition, I wouldn’t be using the bayonet.

We were given pugil sticks with which to practice bayonet fighting. We were shown some moves, but never allowed to go full speed or full force. After all, we didn’t really want to hurt anybody. It’s a good thing that I know of no one who, in a combat situation, actually had to use a bayonet on the end of their rifle.

We were taught basic hand-to-hand fighting.  Much later, after learning some real martial arts, I realized how basic (and useless) that training really had been. Teach a bunch of eighteen year old kids enough to give them a false image of their abilities, and they’re sure to get hurt. The most useful thing I learned was how to fall without getting seriously injured.


God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 10

Breakfast on the patio.
Cross Tracks Church Campus
Multipurpose Worship Center (left) Louine Noble Education Building (center)
150 year-old Chapel (right)

CROSS TRACKS CHURCH sermon “We are Greater Than Me”

Home Sweet Home

Lunch was lasagna for Ella and spaghetti for Tom. All in all, it took around 15 minutes to prepare. Okay the Lasagna was frozen and microwaved, and the ground beef had been pre-browned and frozen. The sauce was store-bought and added to the reheated meat. The noodles were cooked in an electric kettle, set on boil. Still, a meal with two entrees on the table in fifteen minutes! Come on!

Maypo for supper.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 09

High today reached eighty-five quite comfortable degrees.
Breakfast on the patio.

I also did a fair amount of writing today. Sunday school material and memories. Some of which are below.

Games on the patio until the sun had set. There was an occasional breezel that felt pretty good.

Goodnight and God bless.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 08

We had a BIG breakfast this morning, two eggs, two toasts, hash-browns, and bacon.
Starting the day by reading the Upper Room is good for the soul.
Hamburger steak, baked potato, spinach , and lettuce salad for lunch.
While preparing lunch, I cut 6 good size patties from a 5 pound roll of ground beef. I cooked two and Ella bagged four for the freezer. I then seasoned, crumbled, and browned the remaining two and a half to three pounds. Once it was cooled, Ella also bagged those for the freezer.
This afternoon I also baked a couple dozen cookies from the dough I made yesterday. The cookies contain a mixture of dark and milk chocolates, Carmel and vanilla chips, and walnuts.
Another day or two and I will not be able to see the sunset from the patio. It’s moving further south, or more correctly, we’re tilted further away every day.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 07

2 eggs! 2 toast! 1 bacon for breakfast. Yep. A big breakfast.

We donated five 30 gallon storage tubs and a plastic milk-type crate to Operation Liberty Hill this afternoon.

For lunch we visited the drive through at Golden Chick. 5 fish, a Dr. Pepper, and an order each of cole slaw and okra. Yes, we’ve become that old couple we used to observe ordering one meal and sharing it. One order is sufficient and cost effective.

Curbside groceries pickup at Wal-Mart is so quick and easy! And another plus, no impulse buys.

This is what $120+ groceries looks like now days. The plant and rabbit just happen to be in the photo and are not included in the price. And one of those bags only contains trash from the truck.


I found some printed copies of blogs that I had posted on America Online (AOL) in 2002 & 2003. Yes, almost 20 years ago I had a blog called the Electric Eclectic. But I was actually going online years earlier, before the World Wide Web (which is overlaid on the internet) became readily available for non academics and non military personnel. I used a acoustic modem to dial into various sites. Everything was text based (no graphics). You will easily recognize me in the below photos, but that skinny dark haired girl it’s Ella.

And goodnight.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 06

Good news, fewer people are contracting Covid in Williamson Teaxs. More hospital and ICU beds are becoming available. Almost 79% of residents have at least one vaccination with 70% double vaccinated. No statistics on how many have received a booster shot. Also keep in mind that flu season is starting and Covid shots do not protect against the flu.
I was unable to bring up October on this graph. However, it does show a downward trend.
Kielbasa, vegetable soup, and mac and cheese was my experimental lunch. eatable but will not be repeated. Why did I make this mess? Because it tasted good in my mind.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 05


You ready to play marbles? I got two that I can loan ya but you ain’t got a shooter marble. I s’pose ya can use mine on your turns. Okay everybody’s here an’ they’ve already drawn the circles. Everybody puts their marbles in that little circle in’a middle. Ya have to shoot from outside the big circle. You try, on yer turn, to hit a marble an’ knock it outta the big circle. We’re playing for keeps so you keep it. If you knock one out ya get another turn. If you don’t then it’s the next guys turn. You shoot like this, with yer knuckles down and her thumb up. You can go first ’cause yer new. 
Hey that was a good shot. Ya didn’t knock any out but ya scattered ’em good. Now it’s Bobby’s turn. Then Danny, Jerry, Jimmy then ME, an then back to you.
That was fun, even if I did lose my marbles. But you won three. That’s real good. But the bell’s ringing. Time to go in. See ya after school.
Was it hot in yer class today? It sure was in mine. The janitor brung in a really big fan an’ stuck it inna window. It was really windy an’ loud! I couldn’t hear nothin’ the teacher said the las’ hour, so I jest drawed pictures with my new pen.
You don’t have ta keep dippin’ this pen inna ink. See this little switch thingy on the side? Alls ya do is stick the writing end in the ink bottle, then pull that switch out and let go. The switch goes in and sucks ink inside. Neat, huh? Don’t never pull that switch when it ain’t inna bottle though. It’ll squirt ink everywheres.
I’d race ya to the school crossing, but I see my cussin’ Martha and she kinda needs help. She’s okay, for a girl. She walks with crutches and she’s got them metal braces things fastened to her legs. It mus’ be real hard to walk with them things on her legs. I don’t know why she jus’ doesn’t take ’em off. Then she wouldn’t even need them crutches. Momma said it’s onna ‘count of polio that she wears ’em. I heard of polio but I don’t know nothin’ ’bout it ‘cept it must be worser than measles and mumps. I had them an’ I don’t gotta use no crutches.
Her mom comes to get her inna car. I didn’t know girls could drive a car. Even growed up girls. Anyway, Martha can’t walk home an’ don’t no busses go to her house so, her mom comes and gets her.
You go on. I’ll See You tomorrow.  I’m gonna help get her crutches in the trunk. Sometimes she needs help gettin’ Her feet in the car too.


We had a busy morning, we took the cans up to Jarrell to be recycled and made $9 and some odd cents. Then we came back through Liberty Hill and dropped off items for the Operation Liberty Hill thrift store. Then we went over to the Leander Church of Christ and dropped off four milk crates, that we had received full of food on our last trip there. And I forgot to take any pictures of any of it.

We made it back from our morning travels in time to fix and eat lunch before Ella went to the craft room to make headed jewellery. At 2:30 there was a movie in the theater. We both went. However, a few minutes into it, I left. I couldn’t couldn’t hear it and the closed captioning was too small too read. Ella stayed unto the end. She then came home and tried to tell me the whole movie in fifty words or less.

There was nothing unusual about breakfast: egg, bacon, and toast. Lunch was spaghetti noodles with a cream of chicken sauce and a side of lettuce salad.

Goodnight and God bless

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 04

I took the day off from writing, other than working on next Sunday’s class lesson. We will finish Romans 11 and maybe Romans 12.

Ella did the usual Monday laundry day. That kept her busy on and off a good share of the day.

I was going to take things to Operation Liberty Hill’s thrift store. But they’re not open on Monday. I’ll plan on tomorrow dropping things off at OLH and taking the cans to Jarrell for metal recycling.

Missed it by minutes.

God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 03

Cross Tracks Church

Grandies collected many items for Operation Liberty Hill in addition to the food for the Food Pantry and lots of aluminum cans for the metal recycler. I took a can crusher with us today and managed to crush four bags of cans so that they fit into one bag. While I was doing that, Ann removed the tabs from the cans.


Hey! Hey! Over here! Bunch of us’s gonna play Red Rover. You can be on my team. We all hold hands real tight an’ the captain yells, “Red Rover, Red Rover send (somebody’s name) right over”.And then that guy from the other team runs and tries to break through our line. If he can’t, then he’s on our team. If he can then he takes the two where he broke through back to his team. I only play this on our morning recess. 

During lunch maybe we’ll play “Captain May I” or maybe I’ll try to climb that fire escape slide again. I never been able to get to the top. It’s real slick in that tube and kinda dark and scary. You wanna try it?
Last recess some of us play marbles, for keepsies. I got some extras I can let you use. You know how to play marbles, right? Okay, that’s the bell. We gotta go in. Last recess I’ll meet ya under the swings, that’s where the best dirt is for playing marbles, nice and dusty.


God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 October 02

This toast is made from a specifically handcrafted bread that has carefully been packed at the bottom of the bag, to provide cushioning for the canned goods on top. 😀

When my mother turned 50, I ask her what it was looked to be half a century old. It never occurred to me, at ten years old, that I might be fifty someday. And I certainly never thought I’d have a child who was fifty. Both of the step-kids are already past that and my oldest will arrived at 50 in one year’s time.

Kara sent the above photograph of the hole, that a groundhog had dug, under her trailer. Evidently, groundhogs don’t care for getting ghost pepper on their feet, so it appears to have moved on.

Ella appears to be in deep communion with something on her cell phone. It seems strange to call these devises phones. The telephone is the least used function on mine. I think I’ll take my que from Star Trek and begin refereeing to it as my communicator. That much broader term encompasses email, text, social media, YouTube, movies, and television.
Lunch was chilli with cheese.

TRACKING COVID:  Covid travels from person to person by hitching a ride in the moisture in our breath. As we exhale the larger droplets quickly fall in slowly moving air. The much finer mists exhaled are aerosols which can travel much further and remain suspended in the air far longer.

This virus continues to mutate ands adapt. The alpha variant is much more likely to cause new infections via aerosol transmission. People, infected with alpha, exhaled about 43 times more virus into tiny aerosols than those infected with older variants. This may also explain why the delta variant is so contagious — and why it displaced all other versions of the virus. The delta variant has mutations that turbocharged its contagiousness even more. As the virus continues to change, newer variants may turn out to be even more transmissible,

The best defence for avoiding any of the Covid variations is to avoid crowds. Wearing proper masks serve a twofold function. The first is to limit the size and spread of the aerosols that we exhale and the second its to decrease the likelihood of inhaling droplets suspended in the air.

CDC Recommendation:  Compelling evidence now supports the benefits of cloth face masks for both source control (to protect others) and, to a lesser extent, protection of the wearer. To preserve the supply of N95 respirators for health care workers and other medical first responders, CDC recommends nonvalved, multilayer cloth masks or nonmedical disposable masks for community use.

Cloth masks should have least three layers. If available, masks with pockets for filter insertion are a plus. Remember it is important to thoroughly clean cloth masks as often as possible. Normal paper masks are not designed for multiple use.

Be safe. When it becomes safe to gather again, I want there to be people with whom to gather!


There you are. Me, Jimmy, and his sister been sittin’ on the porch waiting for you. We ’bout gave up. But, since you’re not from ’round here and might get lost, we waited.

Sometimes we walk ta school ‘long the tracks. Today we’re gonna go through town though. We can take a shortcut through Arden’s yard. That’s okay, he’s momma’s cussin’. That ain’t a bad word. He’s kinda like an uncle. I guess.

See that ol’ rusty hand pump? It still works and there’s a tin cup hangin’ from a wire wheres you can get a drink. But ya gotta pump that handle up an’ down for a log time. 

‘Nother thing, when it’s cold, seein’ your breath cold, don’t stick yer tongue on it. Not even if yer best friend double dog dares ya to. It’ll get stuck to it and hurts to get it unsticked.   It weren’t funny, Jimmy. It hurt for a real long time.

Now this is kinda a road here but mostly people don’t drive on it and it’s all growed up with grass and weeds jus’ like the alley behind grandpa’s, ‘cept there’s cockleburs here. I don’t want them struck to my school clothes so we’re gonna stay on the path.

Well not onna path all the way. We got another shortcut through this old house. Don’t nobody live here no more. Windows is broken and ya gotta be careful where ya step ‘ cause there’s junk everywhere and some holes inna floor. We can go in the back door and out the front don’t have to walk around the fence that way.

I founded a funny little green cup thing here once. It had three little clear marbles on the bottom. I thought it was pretty and since it was just junk on the floor, I took it home. 

I gave it as a present to momma. She asked where I got it. I didn’t want tell her I’d been in’at old house. I thought she might be mad or tell me not to go back in here. So I told her I found it by the tracks. She’s washed it and all the green came out. I didn’t think it looked pretty no more. She put a short little candle it. It’s on the library table in the livingroom. She said she likes it even if it’s all clear and shinny. 

Okay now we just go through the front gate and follow the road down and around to behind the hardware store. I almost got runned over right here. It had snowed real good. A bunch a us kids were taken our sleds to the school yard to slide down the hill. I’d been pullin’ Nellybelle, that’s my sled’s name, like the jeep in them Roy Rogers shows. Anyway, I decided to sled down and around on this hill. Well this car was comin’ up the road I was going down. I got scared and rolled off Nellybell. The buckles on my snow boot got caught in the sled runners. Nellybell pulled me off into the ditch. It saved my life.

Now we’re almost there. Just run across the street and the railroad tracks. Then we go acrossed the bridge. Sometimes there’s tadpoles down there. But other times the water’s full of blood, when the guys at the locker have killed a cow or somethin’. It stinks too!

I’ll race y’all to the school door. Last one in’s a rotten egg!


Goodnight y’all.

©2021 Thomas E Williams