2021 February 19

Friday, February 19, 2021

Last night and again today, the fire department has been here. Last night the alarms in the apartment went off. We all (or most) gathered in the lobby to see what was going on. The firemen came and determined that it was a broken pipe in the sprinkler system. However, without water in the system, it was hard to discover exactly where the problem lay. That’s why they were back this morning.

They were here all day, going door to door checking on people. Asking if we have heat, water, food, medications, or anything else that we might need.

As of about nine o’clock, we’ve had some water in spits and spurts. Though it may not be necessary, I boiled several pans of water, just to be extra sure.

We were blessed with two eggs yesterday. Someone brought food and water to the apartments last night. With no oil or butter, I poached one of the eggs for myself. I opted to make a sandwich to add more bulk to breakfast. I took a bite and realized how tasteless the sandwich was without salt, pepper, or butter.

Then I remembered that when Jenny brought us hamburgers, there was leftover ketchup. Much better to have flavor. I will say it again, God is good.

The Kindness of Strangers

This is part of the pool water collection system. If I understood correctly, the firemen helped with this project also. Don’t hold me to that. My hearing isn’t that good. And I wouldn’t want the fire department to get into trouble.

Early this morning, Ella went to assist with our in-house food pantry. They were expecting more deliveries this morning. She was on her feet for several hours veggie switching to a job where she could sit. She was dividing loaves of bread into 4 slice Ziploc bags. That way someone wouldn’t take the whole loaf and leave others without.

I did not go to help, at first, because I was sneezing and snotting. My CPAP ran out of water during the night. That almost always leads to sinus headaches, sneezing, and a runny nose. Anyway, I didn’t think that I’d be too welcomed with my sneezing and nose blowing. Not during the time of Covid.

After I had my nose under control, I also went to the lobby to sort food. Knowing that some people hoard food. I repackaged chips, cookies, and snack cakes into individual-size Ziploc bags.

I also carefully made my way to Rudolf the Red Nose Pickup truck. I had an email from the HUM device in the truck stating that the battery was low and I needed to run the truck to recharge. I ran it for nearly an hour. That had the added benefit of melting the ice from the windows and doors.

Sunset with real sunshine. Of all the things we’ve been doing without, sunshine was what I missed most.


©2021Thomas E Williams