2019 June 26 Wednesday

2019 June 26 Wednesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, and Johnston, Iowa

As I rise early in the mornings, I waited a long time for the sun to appear through the cloud cover.

This is as close as it came. That yellow spot really isn’t the sun. It is only a small reflection of sun on the clouds. Shortly thereafter even that faint hope of sunlight was swallowed up by clouds. All that was seen of the sun today was a small hazy bright spot that slowly moved overhead.

Our home has been invaded by tiny-tiny ants, what my mother always called “sugar ants”*. So this morning, as we were leaving for the day, I set off a bug bomb.

I haven’t actively looked for ants but at the same time I’ve not seen any ants since returning home in the evening. No flies either.

We took a drive along the lake this morning. It is a calming way to settle my soul for the challenges of the day. If I were a smarter man, I would also spend time, after work, along the lake.

However, after my day of work, Ella, who had lunch and games … including bingo today … at the Grimes senior center, picked me up and we went to the Village Inn in Johnston.

The Cutty’s Cafe coffee group moved to Village Inn for pie in the afternoon. There were four more that left before I thought to take photos.

For many years now we have gone for Pie Rush Wednesday at Village Inn. Order a cup of coffee or an ice tea and get a free slice of pie. That era is coming to a close. Starting in July ordering a drink will no longer earn a slice of pie. Instead we will need to order an entree to receive free pie. Due to our extremely tight budget this year, our trips to Village Inn will likely cease being weekly and become monthly or less.

This evening Ella went to Cutty’s adult center to play Mexican train with four others.

During that time I worked some on the message for the July 7th worship service.

I missed the sunset but was able to capture some of the afterglow.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

*Mom was wrong. Sugar ants are large ants and found mostly in Australia. She also called them piss ants. Pissants are, again, large ants that are more commonly called wood ants.

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