2019 September 25 Wednesday

2019 September 25 Wednesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

59° and cloudy. It reached 72° under that same cloudy condition.

Sunrise? It looks like night is being zippered open to let the day in. Actually, it was the opposite. The dark clouds were obscuring the sunrise.

These games at the senior center were just the opening act; the star of the show on Wednesdays is bingo. There are no pictures of bingo because we had to leave after lunch, so that I could get to work.

My last day at the fee booth 1-7. It was a slow day with only a few visitors and very little money in the till. From 5:30 to 6:45 that all changed. I was swamped with people, who had just gotten off work, coming in to camp. This weekend is our Spooktacular Weekend (early Halloween) and people will be decorating their campsites. Children, in costumes, will be going from RV to RV in search of candy. And then on Saturday night there will be a fireworks display. It will be a busy weekend.

Sunset? Even less impressive than sunrise today.

This is supposed to be Train Dominoes … but it looks more like pie eating to me. Ella picked me up at the fee booth ah and then hurried to Cutty’s add adult center for the final do dominoes game with this grrr group until spring. Ella, Sandy, Sue, and Lila.

After the game was over, we we went to McDonald’s for supper.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 141 in Iowa with only 4 more to go before we head back to our Texas home.

71 days of work and this is the final work day of the season.

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