2019 September 29 Sunday


2019 September 29 Sunday in Union Park UMC, Des Moines, Iowa

Started in Des Moines Iowa and when ended in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

56 degrees and rain when we left for church this morning. We we drove in rain until we got just passed Eagleville Missouri.

3:00 74° We stopped at Trex near Winston, Mo for fuel. And at the the Country Cafe for lunch. They were not very busy.

There was guy sitting at the counter telling stories. I know more about him than I do about most of my relatives. I know where he went to school, how old he is (58), and the name of his aunt and uncle. I heard about his going to a ball game and almost getting a Jersey. I heard the names of people on his highschool football team and their greatest opponents. And he wasn’t even talking to me. He was talking to the (18? year old waitress)

At 10 minutes after 6 we are in or near Emporia or Fremont.

It’s a little after 7 p.m. and we have about 350 miles behind us and about 550 in front of us. We are near Towanda, KS and I thought we were getting close to the Oklahoma boarder.

We landed in Blackwell Oklahoma for the night. Food at McDonald’s and a room at Bestway Inn. We are not quite halfway.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 145 in Iowa and today we head back towa our Texas home.

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