2019 September 30 Monday


2019 September 30 Monday

Just before sunrise in Blackwell, Oklahoma

We spent the night at the Best Way Inn. It was about the same price as a tank of gas in our truck. It was neat and clean, plus a free breakfast.

Ella had a bowl of cereal while I had a waffle.

We were surprised to find a Casey’s in Blackwell Oklahoma. We filled Rudolf the rednosed pickup with gas. We went inside and looked around but none of our friends from the Cutty’s coffee club were there. Grin.

The morning was spent driving through Oklahoma.

We had lunch at Subway in Springer. Ok.

Then it was driving and more driving … again. We made good to time through the Fortworth expressway.

We took a short break in Waco by visiting with Larraine. She also sent us on our way with bags of cannef goods that she’s been saving for us.

We arrived in Liberty Hill Texas at sunset. We stopped at Dairy Queen to celebrate arriving home.

There was a little girl at DQ who recognized Santa. Dad took a picture of her and I, as proof that she had seen Santa. I told her I was on vacation and not to tell everyone.

We arrived at our North Pole shortly after that. Ella went on and gathered all of the dryer sheets that she had scattered around in the Spring. She believes that they keep the mice away. I set mouse bait/poison.

At the same time, I reconnected the house battery, plugged into shore power, reconnected the LP tanks and turned them on, then I did the same with the water. I made sure the RV refrigerator was on and working on AC power, and started the waterheater, however, I was unable to start the air conditioner.

It was hot inside our home!!! I removed the insulation from the windows and cranked them open. Then did the same with the ceiling vents. I got a lame rotating fan blowing across the bed.

We stayed outside in a cool breeze for awhile before taking a shower and going to bed.

We were awakened by ants crawling on us and biting. I went down to the livingroom and slept in my recliner. Ella didn’t.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 2 of travel from Iowa to Texas.

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