2019 October 01 Tuesday

2019 October 01 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Lowhanging clouds made for a nice photo this morning1After unloading the truck we went to Hobo Junction for breakfast. I’ve really been hungry for the chickenfried steak with grits, biscuit, and eggs. The photo doesn’t do justice to how good the food is.

We had a few odds and ends to purchase … such as bug bombs to kill the ants. Also Ella wanted a haircut. I looked for fans at Wal-Mart but they were out of stock.

I prefer the before.

We found fans at Lowes. I bought a box fan and an oscillating pedestal fan. When we got home the box fan went in the back window and the pedestal fan at the foot of the bed.

We went to Tate’s football game. We were so far away from the players that I was only sure that I saw Tate on the fields once. The sun was low in the sky and bright, which made taking photos difficult. I shot some video that was useless because I couldn’t see anything on the screen. I just pointed it toward the field and hopped for the best … Which wasn’t good at all. Also the autofocus was going crazy, focusing on the chainlink fence, the players at standing on the sidelines, and anything but the players in the game.

After Tate’s game we went home with Adam and family. It was nice to sit and visit for awhile.

It was totally dark when we arrived home. I’d almost forgotten what the stars looked looked like when away from the light pollution from the city.

The fans had done a pretty good job of cooling the trailer.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 1 in our Texas home.

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