2019 October 05 Saturday

2019 October 05 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas 66° and clear as crystal. Predicted high of 92° and no air conditioning. It missed the predicted high by a couple degrees, reached 94.

We had nothing on our “must get done” list for today. I woke long before first light and enjoyed the coolness of the morning air.

We went over to the Stocktank Market around 11 a.m. I really like the look of the siding. It was constructed to look much older than it is.

Pete and Tresa own the Stocktank which had be been several things since it wss was built: grocery store, restaurant, and live music venue. Currently it is a flea market on a part time bases. The property also contains the RV park where we spend our winters.

While Ella went in to look Arroyo around and visit, I say on on the porch and visited visitedwith Pete, who just turned 90. In the past half dozen years, I’ve enjoyed the brief times spent with Pete. He has been full of fanciful stories that were most likely at lest 80% true. However, his mind it’s failing so that in the space of an hour, I heard the same story about how it has been years since had had a dog. There is a big red dog that has been hanging around and he sure would like to have it.

We needed to replenish a few perishables. We had about a quart of milk that we brought from Iowa. It traveled in the cooler alright. However, I put it in the refrigerator before it had a chance to cool completely. RV refrigerators use a different cooling system than a standard household appliance and they are slower to reach operating temperature. Therefore, the milk spoiled and needed to be replacedWe went to Walmart for bacon, chicken and milk among a few other items such as bottled water.

God bless and g’nite

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