2019 October 14 Monday

2019 October 14 Monday (Columbus Day) in Liberty Hill, Texas

65° with complete cloud cover. It reached 85° still mostly cloudy.

It was a good day to sleep in. Being Columbus Day, the senior center was closed. That meant that there was no place to go. Since we got out of bed late, I fixed a larger than normal breakfast. I halved a slice of cornbread (top from bottom) and fried it in some butter until golden brown. I also made some French toast using some rather dry sourdough bread. Scrambled eggs and crisp bacon finished the meal.

This evening we have a potluck to attend, which will be our large meal for the day. So Ella is making bread pudding to take.

Not wanting to heat the inside of our home anymore than it already is (85°), I brought the convection oven outside under the awning.

In October 2012 we were at Shady Oaks Riverside Retreat in the beautiful highland lakes area of the Texas hill country. We arrived there minus the plastic grill outside and behind the refrigerator as well as the cover from the refrigerator’s roof vent. Also the shore power cord had a burnt wire in the plug. Next the slideout would not slide out. The good news was, we arrived with several hundred green tomatoes that would slowly ripen over the next few months. When spring came, we took the Hitchhiker to the factory in Chanute Kansas for repair.

The following October we were at Rio Bonito RV Park just a few miles northeast of Liberty Hill, Texas. We arrived once again pulling the Hitchhiker behind us. Our navigator on the phone directed us down a narrow country road that had a hairpin turn on a tiny bridge with no railings. We arrived at the park, coming from the direction that no one else had ever used. Of course we soon learned the shorter, simpler, and much easier route in and out of the park.

In 2014 we were staying at Stocktank RV park for the first time. We have been here every year since then, although not on the same site each time. In 2018 we were assigned our present site. We like it. So, we keep our unit on this site year around now.

The Emmaus meeting was at the First United Methodist Church in Burnet (18 miles from home). The potluck was at 6 with the meeting at 7.

Good bless and g’nite.

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Day 14 in our Texas home.

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