2019 November 19 Tuesday

2019 November 19 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

t took a while but the sun came up this morning bright and cheery. I know that sunny day helps to start my day on the bright side.

here was a accident along my route this morning. This is a really poor video. I was blindly aiming the camera while I kept my eyes on the road and the traffic. I did not want to become involvedwith the accident as I tried to film it.

nd this was the stop and go traffic that was a part of my drive home. My navigation program assured me that I was on the fastest route despite heavier them normal traffic. That is very reassuring when you’ve been sitting still for awhile.

t didn’t really take 2+ hours tho go the nearly 29 miles. A portion of the recorded time was while I was purchasing a prescription at the pharmacy.

And this was the setting sun as I journeyed homeward.

Ella had prepared meatloaf and roasted potatoes for supper.

After supper we went to the Tuesday night prayer meeting. We sang many hymns and prayed for many people places and things

God bless and g’nite.

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