2020 May 17 Veterans’ Names

Sunday In Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to our daily journal. Share it with your friends.7 months 17 days since we returned to Texas.63 days being self isolated.Yesterday, Ella and I did something that we’ve been meaning to do for several years now. It just never seemed the right time to do it.Yesterday we visited Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Liberty Hill.All branches of the service are represented here. I’m curious if all of these people died in service of their country or are they just people from Liberty Hill who served? I shouldn’t have used the term “just people who served.” Certainly serving is important enough. You shouldn’t have to die to earn your name on a wall.I think I was I the army with this guy, but can’t seem to remember his name.’ll have my name on a wall someday. I already have a spot at a veterans cemetery. It’s one of my benifits. Ya gotta use ’em all, ya know.Today we once again sat in the parking lot of Cross Tracks Church. Youth Pastor Josh did the entire service live via Facebook. We could see him through the windows as he broadcast his sermon “Sink“.While still in the church parking lot, we attended Sunday school through Zoom. I think we are really getting the hang of using it now. I wish I would have thought to take some agree screen shots.After worship and Sunday school we drive to Wal-Mart in Cedar Park to pick up my prescription. You just pull into a special parking spot, call the number on the sign, tell them what spot you are in, give them your name and birthday. A gloved and masked person brings your meds to you, asks some identifying questions (which you mumble through your mask(, you give them a credit card which they run as credit so that you don’t need to tough the key pad. You get your card back, (sanitize it) your pills, and they email the receipt. I like it. I hope that this is the new normal from now on.Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. We love you.God bless and g’day.

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