2020 June 22 “You Are Not Welcome H ere!”


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal,from Liberty Hill, Texas

It was stool 80° at midnight and cooled to 75° by morning. It was cloudy overcast with no trace of a dawn. I didn’t bother with a photo.I slept nearly eight hours late-night with half in deep sleep. Even though I was fully awake at seven thirty, I lay a bed reading and didn’t actually get off the bed unto twelve noon. You could say it was a lazy morning.After breakfast (?) lunch (?), I went out and recovered the west facing living room windows. You may recall that quiet awhile back I had covered them. At that time, I said it was am experiment to see how well some cheap white duct tape worked. Well the end of the experiment was that the west facing bedroom window that had insulation held in place with a thin aluminum/Mylar tape is still in place. The windows with the white tape came lose.This morning I re-covered the other two and used the Mylar tape on them also. I didn’t think to photograph or video my working on this project. You will also notice that previously I had the white side of the insulation facing outward. That was done with an eye toward the Aesthetics. I thought that the white vinyl visually blended better with the outside of the trailer itself. However, for solar protection, I believe the foil-side out makes more sense. Telling that solar radiation, “You are not welcome here!”And, now that I was using the aluminum tape, it blended with the foil of the insulation as well.I am still reading Adam Hamilton’s book “MAKING SENSE OF THE BIBLE” I find his insights to be very clear and well thought out. Chapter 14 delves into the various concepts about the “inspiration” of the biblical writers. I have a friend who says and believes “God said it, I believe it.” I was once at the complete opposite end puff the spectrum. I believed nothing in the bible and dismissed it as fairy tales and morality stories. After I became a Christian, I struggled with the brutal, genocidal, militaristic nature of God in the Hebrew bible. It was hard to see the God of love and forgiveness in the New Testament as the same God from the Old Testament. How could these various writers, all inspired by God, portray Him so differently? Over time and by prayerful study, I came to an understanding that has been helpful for me. Hamilton’s book has been helpful in furthering my understanding. I encourage you to read it also.Thanks again for stopping by. Share this with your friends. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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  • 8 months 22 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 3 months and 08 day being self isolated.

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