2020 June 30 Last Day

Tuesday In Austin, Texas

Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal.

I found the part that is cloudy in the “partly cloudy”.

Being that it was our last day caring for guinea pigs and dogs, Ella cleaned the bedding so that the kids would have a clean bed in which to sleep.

We also have a clean bed inn which too sleep. And we will not have a dog sleeping with us. Other than Zeus rolling me off of the bed and Bluebell laying with her head on my feet, the dogs weren’t that bad of bed partners. It was a king size bed after all.

My bride made out possible for us all to sleep on clean Covid-free bedding.

The Resident Rodents got their cage cleaned again this morning. Judging from the amount of pig poop over the least few days, I may be over feeding them.

The dogs have been going bat$hit crazy this morning. Zeus has been jumping higher into the small tree than I thought possible for a fat older dog. Then, they’ve raced around the fence line with their noses in the air. I don’t know if they are chasing birds, squirrels, or invisible intergalactic invaders. Whatever it is that they are at least getting their exercise.

I had all the dishes washed and put away, so for lunch I ordered Domino’s pizza.

Another photo of Bluebell sleeping with her enormous tongue hanging out. I can’t help thinking she looks like roadkill.

Bluebell wasn’t the only one dozing. Ella, at least, kept her tongue in her mouth.

Today is our last day to sit with the animals. I carried all of our stuff (clean clothes, CPAP machines, games, etc) out to the truck before the kids returned home.

Since we couldn’t hug and kiss anyway, we just put the last bag (the one with Ella’s chocolates) into the truck and left.

I scheduled our grocery pickup for early tomorrow morning.

After arriving home, I received a text from the landlord with the site rent and electric bill. I promptly sent payment to her.

That is the end of our excitement for the day.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

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  • 8 months 30 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 3 months and 16 day being self isolated.


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