2020 September 24 Fraudulent Charges


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  • My VA doctor said that all of my blood work tests were good. However, the A1C results weren’t available. So she wants me to come back in four months.
  • While I was there, I received a flu shot. Not just any flu shot either. No, buddy, this was the flu shot for old people. What do you conspiracy theorists have to say about specific shots for old people?

  • Yesterday we received a collection notice from the above company. They claimed we owed Verizon about $300 from 2018-2019. But that I could settle it for $225.
  • This is odd because our Verizon payments come out automatically. I called Convergent and spoke to Violet. I told her that I did not owe the $300 and would not be sending them $225.
  • This morning we stopped at Verizon, after my doctor visit. The young man there looked at my records. In 17 years I have never missed a payment or been late on a payment.
  • I then called Verizon’s fraud line. I was assured that I owe nothing and that they would take care of it with Convergent.

  • We tried to get our Texas drivers licenses today to avoid waiting until November 2nd when our appointment is. However we couldn’t even get inside the building at Cedar Park without an appointment. So it looks like it’ll be November 2nd before we get her driver’s license in Texas.
  • Apparently Pflugerville is the only location taking walk ins. It’s the same one where our appointment is. We are told the trick is to get there as they open. Only, I can’t get an answer as to when they open.

  • Before we left Cedar Park, I placed a online order for groceries. I was hoping that it would be immediately open. The first open time slot was for 4 to 5. I took it.
  • We then went apartment hunting again. We returned to places that we previously had tried unsuccessfully to get information. Today we got information that they were out of our price range.

  • We stopped at the new Pizza place in Liberty Hill. As I’m not a fan kid cracker line crusts, I ordered the thick crust. I didn’t expect it to be deep dish Chicago style. That is in no way a complaint. It just turned our to be a lot more pizza than expected. I placed the uneaten parts into the freezer. That’s two more meals.

  • This afternoon I received a phone call from Discover card. I was driving and could could not speak with them. They then sent a text message stating that they had refused a $29 charge.
  • “Discover: We just declined $29.00 at TARGET T-1884. Do you recognize this transaction? Y or N. Questions? Call 800-xxx-xxx6 and enter xxxxxx. Stop to quit”
  • Once I was in a parking lot, I called them. A once cent charge had been made and refunded. Apparently this it’s how thieves determine if they can place an actual charge through. They then made a charge at a Target store on California.
  • Ít looked suspicious to Discover so they blocked it. I assured them that I’ve never been to California and haven’t be in a Target for years.
  • I will now be receiving a new Discover card and new account number. But the same credit history.
  • “Thank you for contacting Discover about unrecognized activity on your account ending in xxxx. We’ve opened a fraud dispute to review your case. No further action is required of you as it relates to the review at this time. We will contact you if we need any other information during the course of our review.”

At a couple minutes past four, our grocery order was loaded into the truck and we were headed home.

God bless and g‘day.

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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

What a good boy I am. INR right where it’s supposed to be.

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