2020 September 28 Apartment Shopping


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

Fifty degrees and forty mile per hour winds woke me and caused me to close my window and throw an extra blanket over Ella.

It had warmed to sixty four and calmed down some by daybreak.

One minute wind advisory? That seems oddly specific. They later updated it to expire around 4p.m.

Interesting clouds this morning.

I washed dishes before starting breakfast.

Yum hash browns and bacon. Added some toast and eggs .

Ella posted: Well, we’ve had a busy day. We have finally been able to visit 2 apartments in Liberty Hill and have our names on the list. We also made a trip into Cedar Park and I had my flu shot. Tom had gotten his at the VA the other day.
I told Tom this point in our lives its like were hanging out in the middle some place. We don’t really know what to do here. It’s too early to pack. It might be several months before something becomes available to move. At this point we don’t want to start making a lot of changes.
But then we can’t make plans for the new place or get things we will need, because we don’t know what may actually need. Even if we knew, we don’t have any place to store it. It’s almost like we’re dangling out on a string. (Heavy Rope would be better.)
Any way it was a beautiful day today. I don’t think it ever got over 75°. We’re sitting here tonight with the doors open and fresh air coming in. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

We stopped at Liberty Manor and looked at rooms and got our names on the list. Without assistance,(section 8) we couldn’t afford them.

Next we stopped at San Gabriel (something) but the fire department was there doing an inspection. Because of that, we were asked to come back after non.

Because we now had time to kill, we went to Wal-Mart so Ella could get a flu shot. I got mine at the VA last week.

Since it was now after noon, we went back the the San Gabriel apartments. We put our names on the waiting list. Again, without assistance, we could not afford them.

Ella said, “I miss Kara.” So, I placed a video call to her and we chatted for quite awhile.

God bless and g‘day.

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