2020 October 01

Throwback Thursday

Welcome, family and friends to our daily pc it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

It topped out at 87° around two in the afternoon.

I shut the fan down that stands at the foot of our bed this morning. It was differently cool enough with the cross breeze between the window on Ella’s side of the bed and the window on my side of the bed. Do not read that as a complaint.

This shot of the sun before it crested the top of the trees.

This morning we donated clothing, plastic bags, egg cartons, and miscellaneous items to Operation Liberty Hill. OLH is a combination thrift store and food pantry. It is a Godsend for people in the area who are in need.

We were down to a quarter tank of gasoline. So we stopped and “fed” Rudolf the red nosed pickup

Rudolf’s “check oil level” light came on so we pulled into jiffy lube. They were busy and I chose not to stay. I added a quart myself.

We had time before our Wal-Mart order was ready. So we drove to Lakeline Mall. I was curious as to what shape it was in since the CORONA pandemic. There were very few people in the mall. A full third either didn’t wear a mask or wore it over their mouth only. I find this worrisome, as I’ll be sitting in Santa’s big chair in a month and a half.

Our scheduled pickup time was two to three o’clock. We were actually on the way home with our groceries before two o’clock. You’ve got to hand it to Wal-Mart, they have this system down pat.

We received one of the two books that I ordered for Pastor Michelle’s Sunday night study group. I’ve just started reading it, so I’ll withhold a critic.

Throwback Thursday

The following is a post from 1st 2018


  • (((2018 October 01 Monday leaving Perry, Oklahoma and ended in Austin Texas

  • 68° and sunshine. To start. And reached 83° somewhere along the route.

  • Crossed over into Texas at 11:10 a.m.

  • We stopped in Waco to visit with Larraine. We visited, she feed us and sent us on our way well gifted with canned goods. We will restock our shelves and donate the rest, probably to Operation Liberty Hill.

  • Dairy Queen opened a store in Liberty Hill while we were away. So it was only polite to stop in and say howdy and sample their wares

  • Arriving at the Stocktank RV park around five, we found the ground where it RV is stored to be very wet. We also found the spot to which we will move it to be very wet. As a matter of fact I got stuck and couldn’t get the truck out. Fortunately they are nice folks at the park who are willing to help. All it took was a one ton, four wheel drive truck and a lot chain to set us free.i decided against trying to move the trailer.

  • We checked in with Leigha and Adam. It was a sad day for them. Dude, their thirteen year old dog, had passed away.

  • We called Jenny and asked if we could crash there for the night. She said yes and we are.

  • G’nite y’all!)))

End of post from 2018


Sunset October 01, 2020

God bless and g‘day.

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