2020 December 25

Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

Like a groundhog looking for a shadow, I checked the weather at 7:34 a.m. partly cloudy 38° that feels like 34° going for a high of 74° and a low of 46° before midnight.Some pink in the morning skyThe assistant manager of the photo shoot company bought a cookie-cake (size of a large pizza) for Ella and me. Originally it was much larger but I didn’t snap a photo quickly enough. There goes my A1C.

  • BBQ ribs, pork and beans, baked potatoes on the table in our best Glad serving dishes. Why put stuff on the table in a pretty little bowl that after dinner you’re gonna scrap off into a Glad container? Skip the middleman. Serve it in the Glad to start with. Save dirtying a bowl that you’re gonna have to wash? Do I need to mention that I’m the dish washer
  • Another plus, when in two months, you find those gray and fuzzy pork and beans way in the back of the bottom shelf – with the Glad bowl blown up like a balloon – that’s another one you don’t have to wash. Straight to the trash. Don’t even consider poppin’ the lid for a look inside. Don’t release those noxious fumes into the house! That’s what Glad trash bags are for. Those Glad people think of everything.

Not sponsored by Glad – but I’m open to the idea.

  • After dark, my bride and I went for a drive looking at Christmas lights. Some folks realty know how to create light-pollution. We drove around through a subdivision where the roads were laid out by a drunk and constructed by stoners. That’s the one explanation. The other possibility is that some psychologists are conducting a social experiment.
  • We got a little confused so I asked Google to navigate us toward home. Google replied, “¿Ehat? No entiendo ingles.” I repeated the command and this time it said, “Here is what I found on the web. Economies can suffer both sudden crashes and chronic diseases. Housing markets in the rich world have caused both types of problem. A trillion dollars of dud mortgages blew up the financial system in 2007-08. Was this helpful?”
  • I was actually hoping that the Neighborhood Watch would call the cops and report a strange vehicle driving slowly and repeatedly driving past the same house. Then we could ask the cops to escort us back to the highway.
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