2021 March 02

Clear sky and sunshine. Yay! The fact that it’s predicted to barely reach the sixties during the day and also dip into the thirties tonight is just alright with us. It’s still a good ten degree warmer these two Iowegian are used to.

One egg, one bacon, one toast is our normal breakfast routine. Ella has coffee and I have tea. We both have a handful of meds, vitamins, and supplements.

This is a ministry that we’ve been taking advantage of – in a good way. It is available to everyone. There are no income or territorial boundaries. And honestly, we need it because fresh fruits and vegetables are something we seldom think to add to our shopping list.
We got a case of drinking water, an onion (to give away), a couple pounds of potatoes, 2 bananas, three carrots, romaine lettuce, one cucumber, an orange, three apples, a pound of pinto beans, and a Humanitarian Daily Ration. (See below)

There was a large and very good sugar cookie in the pack. Don’t tell Ella ’cause I ate it all. I really intended to share it. But she’s was on the phone or texting or something and I just kept eating.

I’m curious about the shelf life puff these items.

We (mostly Ella) emptied a few more boxes today. Our home is beginning to look less cluttered. Unfortunately, we have more stuff to bring from the trailer and the shed. On the plus side, once everything is here, I can put a lot of stuff back in the truck, where it belongs. That means getting more stuff out of the apartment.

STEPS: 2554. 1.1 mile

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