2021 March 04

Our first stop of the day was the doctors office for blood work (stick and run) in preparation for our annual wellness exam. Cheri did an excellent job with the blood draw, one stick and done.

Since we had to be fasting for the doctor visit, breakfast was next on our minds. In Liberty Hill there are not a lot of choices for breakfast.

We made it to Stocktank RV park a little after nine o’clock and were done loading just before eleven. However, when we went to settle up with Tresa, she was away. So we went back at two this afternoon. She paid us and the trailer is now hers. She plans to remodel it and use it as the office for the park. It may also be used to house family and guests who come for a visit.

This was a necessary stop. Ella was out of Dr. Pepper. That is nearly as bad as if she’d run out of Werther’s candies. It’s not an addiction. She can function without them. Really! Just ask her.

The last load. The trailer and shed are empty. Every load we’ve brought to the apartment has been like this – packed top to bottom, side to side, and front to back – full.

This is stuff stacked in the bathroom.
Bedroom. Yes there is ONE bedroom.
Would you believe it’s French toast – sort of. Cooked in the George Foreman grill.

We were just finishing supper when we received a text from Adam. They had some aluminum cans to donate to the Grandies can ministry. Good timing because this next Sunday is the food and can donation day. That also means that we HAVE TO have the back of the truck empty before then. It is always nice to spend time with our kids. They’ve all become interesting adults.

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