2021 March 08

Medicare Yearly

Wellness Examination

Banana Chair Sunrise

Those are the 3 words I was given to test my shortterm memory. I told them that it was the same words I was given several years ago. So, short term memory okay and long term memory seems to be working also. So why can’t I remember why I opened my smartphone?

My report from the doctor was, “You are golden. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” Ella was told, “Everything was in line.”

We did very little today. Ella was going to do laundry but decided there weren’t enough white clothes to bother with. I cleared and cleaned the kitchen counters. Also, there was a setback with the closet rod that I had installed the others day. I overloaded it with clothes and it fell. Each end if the tension rod had a plastic insert at each end. The inserts function was to better grip the wall than the end of the metal rod. When it fell, one insert was lost.i assume it will be found somewhere amongst the clothes. As of yet, it remains lost.

The other day our refrigerator began dripping water onto the top shelf. Realizing that the water had to be coming from the ice maker, I shut it off. I then put in a work order. Today, a maintenance worker came and fixed it.

This sunset looks more like a painting than a photograph.
STEPS 2170 / 1.0 Mile

Have you read your bible today? Blessed are those whose lives have integrity, those who follow the teachings of the LORD. Blessed are those who obey his written instructions. They wholeheartedly search for him. They do nothing wrong. They follow his directions. – Psalms 119:1-3

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