2021 March 10

This was all shredded from one (count them – one) hughmongus potato. My extra large hand is for comparison not consuming.
Is call this a nearly complete breakfast.
Butterscotch along with white and dark chocolate chip cookies that I made yesterday. It was to celebrate my good doctor’s report, particularly the A1C. 😀
I showed a partial photo of the shelves yesterday. This is what the unit looks like in completed form. We are slowly moving stuff from …
… these piles to the storage boxes on the shelves. We have emptied a half dozen or so cardboard boxes this morning.

Some of the Functions of Our Watches

Blood pressure
Blood Oxygen Level
Pulse rate
Temperature at wrist
Step counter and distance walked
Can be set for different activities including swimming
Setting target for distance and time for running (as if) walking, etcetera
Sleep monitor
Phone messages on watch. This are just some of the features.
Pot stickers and fried rice for lunch.

I called the GMC service department to get an update on the truck. As of bedtime we’ve not heard back.

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