2021 April 13

We had no storms, in our area, last night. It does appear from the forecast that we have plenty of chances for the remainder of the week. The Texas Hill Country is in drought conditions. I’m not a fan of storms, however, rain works be welcomed.

Aint no sunshine on the horizon and won’t be for sometime either.

Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream. Yum!  Can’t make a habit of breakfasts like this, but makes for a nice change of pace on occasion.

Ella was sorting her medications for the next couple of weeks and dropped a handful onto the floor. That’s why I keep the reacher-grabber handy when I sort my pills. It is inevitable that at least one will hit the floor and, unlike Ella, I can’t stoop down and pick them from the floor without a mechanical aid.

I am continuing my studies in preparation for our F.R.o.G.* class study of the epistle to the Romans. And, no the epistles are not the wives of the apostles. Epistles is just church language for letters.  * Fully Relying on God

The Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration has recommended a pause in giving out J&J COVID-19 vaccines. The pause comes as an effort to educate patients and medical experts on identifying and treating blood clots.

“Austin Texas Public Health and others will pause Johnson and Johnson vaccine administration after six people suffered a rare blood-clotting condition.” — By Delilah Alvarado, Austin Star-News

I’M CONCERNED about the long term affects of the Covid viruses on people who have seemingly recovered from this group of diseases.
I’m concerned about people’s mental and spiritual health after year(s) of isolation and fear.
The long term financial problems faced by employees and employers, as commerce struggles to rebuild and find new pathways, is also worrying.
I fear the profiteers who are now and will continue to use unfair, possible criminally, practices to take advantages of these circumstances.
And now that so many have been and are continuing to be vaccinated, I worry that the long term affects of the cures may be worse than the disease itself.
This illness is causing so many paradigm shifts and reversals in society, that I wonder what we as a nation and a world will be like in ten and twenty years.

Just before 11 P.M. the fire alarm went off in our building. It took just about ten minutes for the fire department to arrive. In that length of time I heard three different stories about where the fire and/or smoke was coming from. The truth was, it was low water pressure in the sprinkler system. But the alarm sure did bring people out of their apartments.

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