2021 April 19

We had time after breakfast for a couple games of Fast Track. I actually managed to win against Ella, Warrior Princess. I comment that I must have gotten her deck by mistake.

Late last Friday afternoon, while removing my hearing aids, the silicone some came off of the hearing aids and stayed in my ears – both of them. Ella manged to extract one from my right ear. However, she was unable to find the one in my left.
It was after hours for our doctor and I couldn’t honestly consider it worthy of a trip to the emergency room. So, I decided to wait until Monday (today).
This morning I called and was advised that I could go online to make an appointment. I did, but the only time when his and my scheduled matched up was this coming Thursday at 3 p.m.

I made the appointment, but the more I thought about having that thing in my ear four more days, the less I liked it. I once again called the doctor’s office and left a message.  They called back and said I could come in today at 2:30.
I am glad to say that it came put off my ear – neither easily nor quickly – but it’s out.
I’m donating the hearing aids. Perhaps they will work better for someone else.
I’ve been told that my ear canals are small and different. Apparently my ears eat earbuds. Did I mention that this wasn’t the first time I’ve had to have the doctor remove something like that from my ear?

Since I was such a big boy at the doctor’s and didn’t cry at all, I deserved to have a treat from Dairy Queen. Ella, needing no justification, got a treat also.

It was a nice day for a drive. The truck batteries needed charging, as well. About 60 miles later and we were home.

This worker paced back and forth constantly for the twenty minutes we waited for the “FOLLOW ME” truck to guide us to the other end of the construction area. I wonder how many miles he walks in a day? And never made it across the road.

Y’all have a blessed day.

©2021Thomas E Williams

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