2021 April 28

We missed the morning showers – or more correctly, they missed us. It was uncomfortably warm and humid all day.

Though she may not look like it, this woman has brutal killer instincts when it comes to this game. (Rumor has it, she dips her playing pieces in blood before each game – that’s why she always plays the red.) Okay, that’s a rumor that I started.

Steamed cauliflower, baked potato, chicken breast with tomatoes butter sauce. Not bad for a hurry up Instapot lunch.

Every since we moved into the apartment, the refrigerator has been faulty. The defroster in the freezer ran way too often. Water dropped from the freezer into the refrigerator. Lately the refrigerator has basically quit working. The temperature in the refrigerate compartment was 60+degrees. Today, our poorly working refrigerator was replaced buy a new one.

The doors had to be turned to open the other direction. That way they opened to the workspace rather than blocking the area where we would be prepping the food.

I’ll bet you thought we only played Fast Track, didn’t you? Well we occasionally poly Rummikube or yahtzee also

It was a gray day all the way. And then around 10.30 PM this happened.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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