2021 April 30

We has a late breakfast so I made it a little larger with American fries and extra eggs.

We were looking for done wall art that we had previously found at Dollar Tree. However, because Dollar General was closer, we checked there first. While we did not find that for which we were looking, we did find something else to purchase. We have been in need of more drinking glasses. These Mason Jar mugs go will with ones we already have.

Because we did not find the wall art at Dollar General, we proceeded to Dollar Tree. Though we hoped to find it at DT, we were not totally surprised when it was not there. That which we had previously purchased was quite a few years ago.

We decided to check Wal-Mart for the artwork we sought.

This wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. However, Ella saw potential in it.

Scripture Reading:   1 Corinthians 14:2-4. When a person speaks in another language, he doesn’t speak to people but to God. No one understands him. His spirit is speaking mysteries. But when a person speaks what God has revealed, he speaks to people to help them grow, to encourage them, and to comfort them. When a person speaks in another language, he helps himself grow. But when a person speaks what God has revealed, he helps the church grow.

Think: This section of Paul’s letter is very timely. Our congregation is beginning to intentionally raise up, train and support church leadership. If you are currently in leadership or are being led/called to leadership, be mindful of your words. Are you speaking the words of God? Are your words “growth” words. Do they lift and encourage? Do they correct and train?

Pray: Lord, tune my ears to hear your words. Tune my mind to understanding. Tune my heart with love. Tune my soul with empathy. Tune my spirit with patience and endurance. Tune my lips to boldly speak your words. Speak, Lord, your servant is waiting. Amen.

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