2021 May 01

Mayday” derived from the French word “m’aider” that means “help me”

It rained all day. Most of the time it was fairly gentle. But there were times seven it was a real rip snortin’ storm.

I had an extension ladder that I no longer need. I sent a message to the kids, asking if anyone wanted it.. Heather and Arik didn’t but Adam did. They crane over today to get it. We invited Adam, Leigha, Tate, and Emery for a spaghetti lunch. They stayed from around noon until about three.  They had not been gone for more than a couple of minutes when there was a bright flash and explosive thunderclap. We were close enough that I could feel the concussive force.

About a half hour after the lightening strike, I noticed a fire truck, with all lights flashing, leaving our parking lot. I don’t know if the two things were connected

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