2021 May 05

As usual, our day starts with a devotional. Today was Paul’s sermon in Athens. I’ve always been impressed with the way Paul took something that they were familiar with, the idols, and used it to his new teaching about the One God and the risen Jesus.

Then it was time for a round of Fast Track. The board was set up for 6 players, but there were only the 2 of us.

Why does my romaine lettuce look so strange?

A box to go to the UPS store. Plus there was one more bag of aluminum cans to add to those already loaded into the truck. That is our 2 destinations for today, UPS and aluminum recycling.

I thought it was appropriate to wear my Grandies shirt today, because Wednesday would have been a normal day to gather with Grandies.

Plus the aluminum cans that we’re taking to recycling is part of a Grandie’s project to raise money for our card Ministry.

At forty cents per pound. We earned $21.20. It’s a shame that we didn’t have more can donations.

Home again, home again. This is our little patio area as seen from the parking lot.

I also caught this load of fish today. Didn’t even have to clean and fry ’em. I was a little concerned that they might not make the legal size. But apparently this is about as big as they come. Also no apparent limit on the size of the catch. I think if you could get them in hundred pound bags some people would be extremely happy.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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