2021 May 09

We had a short early morning shower and then random times of light sprinkles throughout the morning.
It made it to 86° that felt like 92°

We began our Sunday Sabbath with Sunday school discussions. I’m really liking the depth of sharing amongst this group of Christians. 
Then it was time for us to gather together for group worship in the sanctuary.  Today’s sermon titled
“Powered for Purpose” was the first in a new series about Power by Pastor Michele.
During the children’s sermon all of the kids were given a super hero cape and the task of giving Carnations to every woman for Mothers Day.

I asked Ella where she wanted to go for lunch. Though 99.9 times out of one hundred she would respond with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care,” today she said, “Jardin Corona or that place in Georgetown where we got the great steak.”
As much as I like the Mexican food at Jardin, the idea of a nice rare steak won me over. So, it was off to Longhorns Steakhouse. Even the longhorn was wearing a mask.

I opted for the 20 ounce steak with asparagus. They were Spears until I cut them down to bitesize. Ella had a smaller steak and brusselsprouts.
Dwayne, our waiter, suggested the Texas shrimp as an appetizer. They were small shrimp, peeled, very lightly breaded, and fried. They were served hot with banana peppers sliced Julian style. They were so good that I wouldn’t mind going back and ordering one for each of us and forgetting about ordering a meal.

I ate maybe a third of this delicious steak. I will cut the remainder in halves as a meal for the two of us. Our meal was subsidized by John as part of his Mother’s Day gift.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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