2021 May 11

It was a foggy morning and a foggy day.

We played Fast Track and Ella beat me six out of five games. No I’m not that bad a counting. She had not taken her markers from the winning spaces when we began the next game. Without turning a card, she declared, “I won again!”

Ella said, “I have to go to Wal-Mart.” So we did. Honestly, I thought that one of her prescriptions was ready. Nope. We had talked about making cinnamon rolls. She had to buy some frozen microwavable cinnamon rolls.
She also bought frozen monkey bread, sour cream, and Great Value cottage cheese. For supper, she opened the cottage cheese and was surprised to see that it was nearly devoid of curds. We ended up with a quart of whey. We will return it.

This is the view of our bedroom window from the outside. The the Venetian blinds (I hate Venetian blinds do not fully block the view from the inside and I suspect they don’t block the view from the outside either. Linnea and Lorelei are making curtains for us. in the meantime, I have used an Iowa flag and a Texas flag as temporary curtains.

I spent a good portion of the day in my recliner. I was reading, writing, and watching YouTube and television on my phone.

Ella also spent a good deal of the day relaxing while reading, doing puzzles Ann’s watching television.


I’m going to declare Wednesday as a day to use the exercise room. I need to set a schedule otherwise the day gets away and I’ve hardly moved.

We’ve had a light scattering of rain today. Definitely no storms. Though there is still a severe storm warning in effect for the next couple of hours, as I look at the radar, it appears that the rain and storms will continue to pass us by.

©2021Thomas E Williams

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