2021 May 21

Visit to the VA Clinic

A couple times a year I have some blood drawn. The sorcerers at the Veterans Administration laboratories mix it with magic potions. They then use it to divine my past, present, and future. That information then becomes available via a rectangular crystal ball. Their medium then laid hands on me and in a prophetic trance commands the changes I must make to insure a long and healthy life. I then offer an unblemished goat to the gods of Medicare and several calves to the private insurers. I’m then free to go until the next time the spectral mists of time summon me.

We stopped at Burger King for lunch.
We had a potluck supper with friends from church.
This outs the sky as we were leaving the potluck.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

One thought on “2021 May 21

  1. You “stripped” at Burger King for some lunch?!?!? I didn’t know they allowed that!

    Gotta pay for lunch somehow. I even had a dollar leftover. 😀


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