2021 May 22

No sunrise again today.

Rain on the windows looks like an impressionistic painting. Not a very good one though. The composition is non-existent and the colors are all muddy – pardon the pun.

This was Sonshine Friends moving day at Cross Tracks Church. 2 years and 11 days ago or church lost one of its buildings to a fire. Among other uses of the building, our daycare, Sonshine Friends, occupied the top floor. The bottom floor was home to pastor’s office, the church office, and the fellowship hall with kitchen.
Room was quickly made in the multi purpose worship center for everything and everyone displaced by the fire. Insurance was able to replace somethings lost, including a new building where the previous pine had stood.
The new building will be for the sole use of the daycare. Today, many people arrived to move equipment and supplies from the worship center to the “Louine Noble Education building”. Named for a longtime educator in the community and member of our church, who passed away within this last year.

Today’s darkened sky became darker after the assumed sunset.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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