2021 May 31 Memorial Day

I hope you all had a safe and refreshing Memorial Day. I also hope you remembered the reason for this holiday.

Today, as we celebrate Memorial. Day, we remember the men and women of our Armed Forces who made the greatest sacrifice imaginable. 

Whether it was on the battlefield of Antietam, the beaches of Normandy, in the mountains of Afghanistan, or any of the far flung corners of the world, thousands of Americans have taken up the mission to defend our Nation, ideals, and freedoms at home and abroad, knowing that they may not survive. 

Memorial Day weekend often serves as an opportunity for Americans to spend time with friends and family. As we consider the cost of our freedom, let us also remember the families of our fallen, our Gold Star families. As we remember the sacrifices of our fallen service members, we also recognize the tremendous loss to their families and admire their patriotism and perseverance.

Despite all of these sacrifices, the struggle to preserve our freedom continues.  Just as in times past, our enemies seek to threaten the freedom for which our American brothers and sisters have laid down their lives. These enemies don’t just fight our troops on the battlefield but through seemingly random acts of terror.

One of the best ways to honor our fallen comrades is for us to work together to defend our freedom and our American principles. 

Since early in 2020 our nation and our world have seen the curtailing of some freedoms that most of us have always taken for granted. The First Amendment to the United State’s Constitution guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. Yet in these past months most of us, understanding the seriousness of the pandemic, chose to self regulate our assemblies for the good of ourselves and others. In some cases emergency governmental restrictions were also applied. I’m not here to argue for or against those restrictions. I mention them only to demonstrate how easily those freedoms which me take as immutable can be amended, restricted, or taken away.

We cannot allow the erosion of the liberties our family members and friends have fought so hard to defend.

 I am truly grateful for those who have served our country, past and present, 

Let us pray.

In the quiet sanctuaries of our own hearts, let each of us name and call on the One whose power over us is great and gentle, firm and forgiving, holy and healing …

Father God, You who created us, who sustain us, who call us to live in peace, hear our prayer this day. Hear our prayer for all who have died in service to our country, their hearts and hopes are known to you alone. Hear our prayer for those who gave their lives in the service of others, and accept the gift of their sacrifice.

Help us to shape and make a world where we will lay down the arms of war and turn our swords into plowshares. for a harvest of justice and peace. Comfort those families who grieve the loss of their loved ones and let your healing be the hope in their hearts.

Hear our prayer this day and in your mercy answer us, and may the peace of God be with us all. Amen.

Yours truly in mid 1960s. Somewhere, I’m sure I have a photo where I’m wearing the white hat and MP arm band.

To see more about our day, read the previous post titled “Tale of 2 File Cabinets.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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