Tale of 2 File Cabinets

I ordered a file cabinet through Amazon. As a Prime member, we received “next day” delivery at no charge. Wonderful! And it did indeed arrive the following day.

Unfortunately it was damaged on this corner.

And this corner

And this corner

And this corner.
I immediately reported it to Amazon. They sent instructions and a code. I’m to take the damaged cabinet to a UPS store for return.
They also sent a replacement which was also next day delivery.

Today the replacement arrived. I didn’t complete unboxing once I saw the damage to the packaging and this corner.

I contacted Amazon and received an additional code. I now have two packages to lug to UPS.

However, since this is Memorial Day, they will not be open until tomorrow morning.

I cancelled the order and will receive a refund within the next 7 days. I was hoping for next day delivery on the refund.

Understand, I’m not bashing Amazon. Nearly everything I’ve ordered has arrived in a timely manner and quality as I’ve expected.

I’ll not mention the file cabinet manufacturer’s name. But I hope they develop better protective packaging in the near future.

Tomorrow after sending off the 2 return packages, we will stop at Target a buy a file cabinet.

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