2021 June 01

First stop for the day was UPS to drop off the two file cabinets for return to Amazon. (See previous post, “Tale of 2 File Cabinets) for that story.

The next stop was Target to purchase a file cabinet. While there I also purchased three grocery items.

And then, at home, to install handles on the cabinet.

One final (I think) word on the whole file cabinet story. The apparent quality of the file ordered through Amazon was greater (excluding the damage) than what I found at target. The Amazon file was slightly larger and constructed of heavier gauge steel. (Which makes the damage odder) The price difference was negligible. And it it’s more convent to have it delivered than go to a store to purchase.

This is my way of saying, unless there are multiple items to purchase at a store, I will continue to order through online services such as Amazon.

A nice rare sirloin, peas, potato salad peppers and carrots for lunch.

Oh yes, lettuce salad.

Read:  Romans 5:8.    But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Think:  While we were sinners. While we were rebellious. While we were fighting God. While we were enemies of His. Jesus said, “love your enemies”. (Matt 5:44) And love us he did … enough to take our punishment … to die in our place.

Pray:  Father, though there is nothing I can do to repay the debt I owe, help me live a life that brings glory to you. Amen.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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