2021 June 04 Friday

A misty dampness in the air and full cloud cover to begin the day.

If you recall, some short time ago I mistakenly double ordered 6 dozen eggs and ended up with 144 eggs added to the dozen I already had on hand. I scrambled 4 dozen, sorted then into sandwich bags, and froze them. This morning I took some from the freezer and defrosted them in the microwave. This was a test of sorts. I wanted to make sure that the process had worked. It did.

Ella had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Our regular doctor had referred her because her white blood cell count was higher than normal. They drew more blood today.

It was after two o’clock when we left the doctor’s. We hadn’t eaten so we stopped at IHOP for lunch.

This afternoon Ella beat me badly and repeatedly at Fast Track..

We almost had a bit of sunshine at sundown. However a short time later it began to reason again.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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