2021 June 07

I had hoped that yesterday’s sunset in a cloudless sky would last through the night and we would waken to clear and blue overhead. But alas, clouds have once again overtaken us.

As usual we began our day by reading a devotional from “The Upper Room“. It is a way to center ourselves before the busyness of life distract us.

Also, as usual, we played several games of Fast Track. Today was my day. I won them all this morning. Late this evening we played more. I only won half of those games.

Sitting in the waiting room at our heart doctor. It was just one of the twice a year check ups. Ella will follow up with an ultrasound. She has a valve that doesn’t completely close so they monitor that. And it has been too long since my last stress test. They will be scheduling one for me soon.

We had one nurse applying electrodes to Ella while a second was asking me questions. Very efficient use of time.

Lunch came a little late today. After the doctor was done with us we went to IHOP.

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