2021 June 08

I’ll be glad when sky rerun season is over. Though I am thankful that we aren’t having temperatures in the upper 90s and lower 100s.j

The peace lilies that Ella planted are fixin’ (getting ready) to bloom.

I was busy making bread. So, a one pan meal in the Instapot was the way to go. A  cup of rice, a can of mixed veggies, some diced kielbasa, and some veggie stock. Served with a glob of melty butter.

Last night I peeled, cored, and sliced 6 apples. Apples, a hand full of walnuts, and raisins ( I have large hands) went in to slow cook over night. A little salt, brown sugar, and enough water to make a slurry.  This morning I stirred in a yellow cake mix and broiled until the top browned. I was attempting a cobbler but failed. So I’m calling this recipe “Failed Cobbler,” it is mighty tasty.

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